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  2. 2. What is a Digipaks ? Within the music industry there has been an increase of large record labels that use Digipak from 2000 however not so much now , as people generally download than buy CD’s . Moreover a Digipakcan be is not only used for CD’s but DVD’s swell , it is essential packaging with information about an artist or film and the packaging is targeted at fans so they can feel special .The digipaks are priced higher than CDS to make them more exclusive and fans receive extra content.
  3. 3. What is a Digipak made from? The digipaks are made with Cardboard or plastic , so fans can preserve them for longer , in comparison to standard CD case. In order to protect the environment Digipaks manufactures use cardboard instead of plastic, these changes have been used across many manufactures.
  4. 4. Annotation of RageAgainst the Machine
  5. 5. Front Cover The title for the album is the Band name . This image is very controversial and famous image because it shows a Buddha burningThe Band havechosen not toinclude an imageof their self, thisshocks theaudience becausethis image wouldnot or expected onDigipaks. The front cover has a contrast of dark and light colours this is appealing to the eye. The album cover sticks out because it is unique , as the many artist use bright colours.
  6. 6. INSIDE The writing within the middle The CD is plain however it still has the same colours text which is white. shows who was responsible forThe Digipaks includes creating the album ,. Fora track list of all of example the producers and thethe songs writers . The same image used on the front cover is used again Black is a consistent colour used throughout the digipak,this signifies that their music is quite dark and gothic . Black is a colour that is associated with this genre .
  7. 7. Another Artist’s Digipak -Tool
  8. 8. Tool Tool has used a genre convention on their Digipak , the colour black. The band have choose not to include an image of themselves, they have choose toThe text is written in have a plain blackan artist form this digipak.looks moreappealing to theeye .
  9. 9. Inside Tool have chosen to use a range of artistic images rather than images of themselves.The theme of black andwhite is continued on theCD, this shows continuity andthis has been used onprevious Digipaks covers . It can be argued that Tool has broken their stereotypical genre conventions because there is of colour .
  10. 10. Back of CDThe artist within the band iswritten on the back , this The track list is atinformative and enables the the back and it isperformances within Tool written in white toreceive recognition for their continue with themusic . monochrome theme .The bar code is at the backin order for Digipaks to besold .