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  1. 1. The main aim of the team I see… is to raise the awareness of people about food products, which they consume and their unfamiliar chemical and biological origin. Participants: Havina Georgieva (XI – A grade) Aygulya Akisheva (XI- B grade) Nikoleta Nikolova(XI – C grade) Stanislav Ivanov(XI – C grade) Team Coach: Mrs. Dimitrinka Georgieva (IT teacher)
  2. 2. What is GMO? •GMOs are organisms, whose gene composition is modified by recombinant DNA technology. •The first experiments are conducted through year 1973. •Today, the biggest GMO producer is the agricultural corporation Monsanto, which produces 90% of GMOs seeds in the world.
  3. 3. What is the GMOs influence? •Toxic for the soil; •Lead to erosion and soil contamination; •Lead to the extinction of plant species; •Lead to appearance of plants-mutants; •Cause big losses in small-scale farms.
  4. 4. Influence on human: •Allergic reactions to GM corn; •Increase in risk-rate of cancer; •Disturbance in feeding habits .
  5. 5. Е-numbers are numerical codes of the added in the food substances. They are tested for safety and allowed for use by the EU. Nevertheless, they are harmless only in definite quantities. Е-numbers are separated in several groups:  Е100 – Е199 – coloring agent;  Е200 – Е299 – preservatives;  Е300 – Е399 – antioxidants;  Е400 – Е499 –stabilizers;  Е500 – Е599 – acidity regulators;  Е600 – Е699 – flavor enhancers;  Е700 – Е799 – antibiotics;  Е800 – Е999 – miscellaneous ;  Е1000 – Е1999 – additional chemicals.
  6. 6. Е102 – causes asthma attacks, rash and sensitivity to Aspirin; Е104 – may cause dermatitis; Е110 – causes rash and stomach upset; Е123 – may cause asthma and hyperactivity; Е132 – may cause nausea, vomiting, high blood; pressure, breathing problems or other allergic reactions.
  7. 7. Е210 – leads to hyperactivity among children; Е220 – may cause asthma attacks and metabolic changes; Е249 – potentially carcinogen, lead to dizziness and headache; Е250 – causes hyperesthesia.
  8. 8. Е310 – may cause dermal and stomach exasperation; Е322 – leads to lack of appetite; Е380 – influences over intestine and he pancreas.
  9. 9. Е410 – decreases levels of cholesterol; Е420 – may cause stomach upset; Е461 – may cause intestine problems.
  10. 10. Е503 – excite mucous membrane; Е514 – leads to disturbance of the water balance; Е622 – causes stomach upset; Е626 – is related to gout .
  11. 11. Е901 – causes allergic reactions; Е905 – is conducive to intestine cancer; Е924 – causes stomach allergies; Е951 – often causes allergic reactions.
  12. 12. SUPPORTED BY: RCYB Vratsa M. D. Docheva RIOKOZ Vratsa Sashka Mladenova Dimitrinka Georgieva Todor Marinov Joan Ekzarh Language School March 2010