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This day in the Georgia Guard, visual aid


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A basic slide presentation to serve as a visual aid for any general briefing about the Georgia National Guard/ Georgia Department of Defense

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This day in the Georgia Guard, visual aid

  1. 1. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Today In The Georgia National Guard
  2. 2. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Governor Sonny Perdue Commander in Chief ArmyArmy NationalNational GuardGuard StateState DefenseDefense ForceForce AirAir NationalNational GuardGuard Georgia Department of Defense Major General William “Terry” Nesbitt The Adjutant General Task Organization
  3. 3. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED SWB Operations (CA) (AZ) (NM) (TX) Total = 740+ Deepwater Horizon (LA) (MS) (AL) (FL) Total = 1,150+ National Guard Current Operations
  4. 4. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Providing Key Support to The Global War on Terrorism Community Support
  5. 5. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Leaders from across the Georgia Department of Defense and associated emergency management agencies conduct a Rehearsal Of Concept “ROC” drill during a hurricane readiness exercise in June 2010. Prepared, Equipped and Ready We are trained and equipped to provide Defense Support to Civilian Authorities (DSCA) on short notice.
  6. 6. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED • 22-member full time National Guard team headquartered at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta. • Mission is to support local incident commanders providing assessment and analysis during suspected weapons of mass destruction (WMD, such as biological, chemical and high explosive) events. • Equipped with state of the art detection, analysis and protection equipment, along with secure communications. 4th Civil Support Team Trained and Ready
  7. 7. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED CERF-P Trained and Ready The “C” is short for “CBRNE” (pronounced see-burn-ee) Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive and the E-R-F-P in CERF-P stands for- Enhanced Response Force Package.
  8. 8. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED The 3-108th CAV (NGRF) will possess the capability to provide site security, to provide presence patrols/show of force, to establish roadblocks and/or checkpoints, to control civil disturbances, and respond/assist in the protection of DoD selected assets. National Guard Response Force (NGRF) Trained and Ready
  9. 9. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Georgia National Guard Counter Drug Task Force Making a Difference Today -Aerial Reconnaissance -Drug Awareness presentations -Ground Reconnaissance $369.5 million in cash and drug seizures.
  10. 10. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED • Purpose: to assist high school dropouts (16-18 years old): • Obtain a high school equivalency diploma • Develop lifework skills • 5 month residence phase at Ft. Stewart and Ft. Gordon • Post-graduate phase teams students with adult mentors • More than 10,000 students have had “another opportunity to succeed” since the program began in 1994. • Youth Challenge Academy Making a Difference Today
  11. 11. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED STARBASE Making a Difference Everyday • Operated by the GA DOD in a specially built facility at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. It is part of a nationwide, highly interactive academic enrichment program. • Designed to reinforce math and science skills for elementary age students by introducing them to aviation and space exploration. • Fifth graders from selected schools attend the course for a full day each week for five weeks. • Students take part in hands-on experiments and simulations. • Activities include rocket building, problem solving exercises, science experiments and flight simulation in the facility’s computer lab. • STARBASE also addresses issues concerning substance abuse, health, self-esteem and life skills.
  12. 12. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Positive Impact on the State $10 million investment by the State equals $610 million for our state's economy Citizen-Soldiers pay about $25 million in state income tax just in Guard Wages
  13. 13. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Good for the State and the Nation - The cost of the reserve components is approximately 23 percent of the amount needed to man, train, equip, and sustain the active component. - Using these FY 2008 budget requests for dollars and end strengths of the active components and the reserve components, we find that the total amount budgeted is approximately $51,000 for each reserve component service member and $223,000 for each active component service member.
  14. 14. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED We appreciate the support of our employers for their Guardsmen Employer Support
  15. 15. Georgia National Guard UNCLASSIFIED Questions? You can find more information at or follow us on the following sites: