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Public affairs office

  1. 1. other state National Guard agencyPublic Affairs in the country. Central in all of this has been the total overhaul of the Georgia Department of Defense’s The primary goal of public affairs official website: to tell the organization’s story so The Georgia Guard website wasthe people of the State know the great recognized last year by Nationalwork their Guardsmen perform. The Guard Bureau as the best in thechallenges of getting that story out nation, and then by the U.S. Armyin today’s busier-than-ever media as the second best. This year,market are considerable. And in was again state more than 4,000 votes behind.2011, all elements of the Georgia recognized by NGB as being in the Last year, in the Guard’s ResiliencyGuard’s public affairs operations top three nationwide, as was our Video Contest, Georgia finishedmade considerable gains in finding blog (www.ProfessionalGuardsman. second – bringing in over 20,000new ways to meet that challenge. com) and our overall social media votes. From providing regional social program. The compelling imagery and storymedia guidance to other Public Of all the states with a National angles provided by our collectorsAffairs Offices, to generating Public Guard presence on social media, are what drives traffic and sustainedAffairs Guidance documents and Georgia has the second most interest in our channels. WithoutSOPs that have been adopted by the followers on Twitter and the most eye-catching photos and thought-likes of U.S. Army Europe and the followers on Google+, was the first provoking story leads, we could notGeorgia Emergency Management state on Google+, is regularly in the have been as successful with ourAgency, the Georgia Guard’s top three or five most influential on outreach efforts.outreach efforts have continually Klout, is seventh in terms of total The Georgia Guard takeshelped steer ancillary, sibling, and video views on YouTube, and ninth pride in the customer service itparent organization initiatives, relative to total fans on Facebook. provides through its public-facingcontinuing to contribute to the public Since the beginning of 2010, channels. From a newly constructedaffairs profession, provide leadership the amount of content hosted by “Contacts” tab on the website to helpin the field, and push the bounds of our website has increased by 300%, better direct inquiries, to answeringnew communication tools. featuring 225 stories produced by the questions posted on Facebook. The The PAO directly supported 121 PAO during that time period. open, honest, and sometimes evencommunity relations events in 2011 In the last quarter alone, there self-policing culture of our onlinealone, organizing and authorizing were 205 positive news stories run communities has allowed us tostatic displays, color guards, band by civilian media about the Georgia explore a wide breadth and depth ofperformances, and in some instances National Guard. Of those, fully 60% content and subjects while providingeven flyovers. was worked through the Ga. DoD world class customer service. In order to reach the Public Affairs Office. 2011 saw a momentous boostgeographically dispersed units Our posts on Facebook attracted in traffic and interest throughoutof the Ga. DoD and interested about 2.5 million impressions last all channels. The Georgia Nationalcivilian parties, online outreach year alone, and our images on Flickr Guard Facebook page in 2009 hadcontinued to be the primary means of have been viewed more than 350,000 less than 150 fans; today it generatescommunication. Throughout 2011, times since 2010. as many as 3,000 impressions perthe Georgia National Guard remained Viewership of the organization’s individual update over the course ofa trendsetter in online outreach – monthly magazine, the Georgia a single day or two.winning online competitions, leading Guardsman, has increased tenfold Each of these outlets contributed,the pack in followers on multiple in just two years, bringing in almost in a unique way, to the overallchannels, generating more traffic 90,000 total magazine views. strategic communication of thethan the organization has ever seen With over 15,000 votes, the Georgia Department of Defense inbefore, and connecting stakeholders Georgia Guard has run away with 2011 – allowing the organization towith command information in more the National Guard’s Support Patch sync command messages across allways and on more channels than any contest – leaving the second place channels and communities. 2011 Annual Report | 36