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Mini Annual Report


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Mini Annual Report

  1. 1. Mission:The Georgia Department of Defense provides ready and relevant military forces to the Combatant Commanders, and with the consent of the Governor, provides command and control and capabili- ties to support Homeland Defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities. Vision:A strong and growing joint military organization, recognized as a leader in strength, readiness, and innovation; an interagency partner and leader; postured for effective response; chosen for new missions and force structure, that provides opportunities for members who live the Ga. DoD values to realize their potential through service to the state and nation. Priorities: •Defend the Homeland •Support the War-Fighter •Continuosly Transform the Force Who We Are 11,152 Army Guardsmen 2,737 Air Guardsmen 670 State Defense Force Members 536 State Employees Georgia Department of Defense 74% 18% 4.5%3.5% Defense Support to Civil Authorities Force Packages Aviation Engineering Medical and Water Sustainment and Logistics Transportation Communications Power Generation Command, Control and Staff Multi-Purpose Forces (Security, Law Enforcement Support, (SAR) Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Diversity 7,694 White 5,119 Black/African American 529 Hispanic 181 Other 57%38% 1%4%
  2. 2. Georgia Army National GuardThe Georgia Army National Guard consists of more than 11,000 citizen-soldiers training in more than 70 hometown armories and regional facilities across the state. Georgia’s Army Guard is the eighth largest in the nation and includes combat, combat support and combat service support units. The Georgia Army National Guard is organized into six major subordinate commands: the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of Macon; the 78th Troop Command at Clay National Guard Center in Mar- ietta; the 78th Aviation Troop Command, also at Clay; the Marietta-based 201st Regional Support Group; the 560th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade in Cumming; and the 648th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade in Columbus at Fort Benning. In 2009 alone, the Georgia Army National Guard de- ployed more than 3,200 soldiers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. More than 1,600 were deployed in 2013. Since September 11, 2001, more than 12,000 citizen-soldiers from the Geor- gia Army National Guard have seen federal service in support of overseas operations, often with multiple rota- tions. Currently, Georgia Guard infantry, military police, transportation specialists and aviators are deployed in Afghanistan. Georgia Air National GuardThe Georgia Air National Guard is the air power component of the state. It has 2,800 airmen and officers assigned to two flying wings and seven geographically separated units throughout Georgia, including the 165th Airlift Wing at Savannah In- ternational Airport; the 116th Air Control Wing at Robins Air Force Base; the 117th Air Control Squad- ron of Savannah; the 165th Air Support Operations Squadron of Brunswick; the 224th Joint Commu- nications Support Squadron also of Brunswick; the 283rd Combat Communications Squadron at Dob- bins Air Reserve Base in Marietta; the 139th Intel- ligence Squadron at Fort Gordon; and the 202nd Engineering Installation Squadron of Macon. Elements of the Georgia Air National Guard have deployed constantly since the start of the War on Terror. The 116th Air Control Wing has flown the unique Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar Sys- tem mission in support of coalition forces for 94,000 flight hours through 2013 and was responsible for uncovering more than 1,000 IEDs. The 165th Airlift Wing has been integrally involved in air operations throughout the Persian Gulf Region, deploying nine times to Iraq or Afghanistan. The 165th flew nearly 1,000 combat operational hours in 2013. The seven geographically separated units of the Georgia Air Guard have contributed personnel and resources to mobilizations domestically and across the globe in furtherance of the nation’s strategic goals.
  3. 3. Unique Capabilities & Programs Youth Challenge Academy • Provides “at-risk” youth academic training • 22-week intensive academic programs at Ft. Gordon and Ft. Stewart • YCA graduates awarded a General Equivalency Diploma or high school diploma • Return investment for Georgia is $2.61 for every YCA dollar spent • 11,652 YCA graduates as of 2013 Combat Readines Training Center • One of four readiness training centers in the United States • Only training center capable of facilitating the needs of the fifth-genera- tion fighters • Legitimized Cyber Training School throughout the Air Force with two ‘regular’ Air Force instructors permanently assigned • Local presence of the 165th Air Suport Operations Squadron continues to attract other ground units to the range Counterdrug Task Force • Bridges gap between DoD and civil authorities • Partners with law enforcement, community organiza- tions and school disctrics • Assisted in the seizure of more than $144 m in 2013 4th WMD Civil Support Team • Provide support to civil authorities at domestic chemcial, biological, radio- logical and nuclear (CBRN)incident sites • Advise civil authorities and facilitate the arrival of follow-on military forces during emergencies and incidents of WMD terrorism, intentional or unin- tentional release of CBRN materials, and natural or man-made disasters • One of the first ten WMD-CST units originally established by the U.S. De- partment of Defense Peach State STARBASE • Seeks to raise the interest in and improve the knowledge and skills of at-risk youth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) • Serves approximately 1,000 fifth graders annually, with quantifiable improvement in their academic skills • Provides students with 25 hours of stimulating experiences by exposing youth to the technological environments GeorgiaGuard ganatlguard GeorgiaGuard