Joint Task Force                            The initial establishment of                                         CERFPs pl...
The Georgia Army National Guard 4th Civil Support team’s Sgt. Jonathon Dean sheds his HAZMAT suit with help from Howard Co...
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Jtf 781 and 4th cst


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Jtf 781 and 4th cst

  1. 1. Joint Task Force The initial establishment of CERFPs placed at least one in each Company became the search and extraction element for JTF 781 781 CERFP FEMA Region. The Georgia Guard has one of the 12 validated CERFPs because Augusta’s 877th Engineer Company was out of the state in the country. An additional five for a yearlong deployment to The Georgia Guard’s Chemical, CERFPs have been authorized and Afghanistan. Biological, Radiological, Nuclear funded by Congress, to include full- In February 2011, JTF 781 and high-yield Explosive Response time manning and equipment. conducted a joint force training Force Package, also known as When an incident occurs within exercise with several first response the JTF 781 CERFP, is composed a team’s response area, they are agencies from the Atlanta area at of four elements staffed by alerted through their state HQ and Marietta’s Cobb County Public 400 personnel from previously mobilized on state active duty. If Safety Village. The exercise established National Guard units. the incident is located within their involved more than 300 Army and The elements are: search and state, they proceed to the incident Air Guardsmen, training in a true- extraction; decontamination; if directed to do so by their JFHQ. to-life terrorist scenario. medical; and command and control. If the incident is located outside of In November 2011, JTF 781 was The command and control team their state, their state headquarters evaluated as part of the 78th HRF, directs the overall activities of coordinates with the receiving state and was considered number one in the CERFP and coordinates with under the terms agreed to in the chemical, biological, radiological the state Joint Task Force and the Emergency Mutual Aid Compact. and nuclear emergency response incident commander. In late 2010, the 848th Engineer management. 4th WMD Civil employ the 4th CST to support the state response under the direction of The CST can also be moved by air, rail, commercial truck, or ship. Support Team the governor or aid another state’s response under another governor. The 4th CST was one of the first ten CST units originally established The 4th CST is comprised of by the U.S. Department of Defense. The 22 personnel of the 4th full-time Army and Air National In 2011, Georgia’s 4th CST Weapons of Mass Destruction Guard personnel. The structure was active across the state. Civil Support Team (WMD CST) of the unit is divided into six Whether providing support for the provide support to civil authorities sections: command; operations; Governor’s inauguration, training at domestic CBRNE incident communications; administration/ with first responders, or providing sites by offering identification logistics; medical/analytical; and vital support for large-draw events, and assessment of hazards. They survey. the unit has provided critical also advise civil authorities and Each CST deploys to an incident technical assistance in support of facilitate the arrival of follow-on site using its organic assigned civil authorities. military forces during emergencies vehicles, which include a command Most recently, the 4th CST and incidents of WMD terrorism, vehicle, operations trailer, a participated in a WMD training intentional or unintentional release communications platform called exercise with fire and emergency of CBRN materials, and natural or the unified command suite (which management personnel in Cherokee man-made disasters that result in, or provides a broad spectrum of secure County. The exercise underscored could result in, catastrophic loss of communications capabilities), the value the CST brings to the life or property. The 4th WMD CST an analytical laboratory system state. In the event that a CBRNE complements and enhances, but vehicle (containing a full suite of incident exceeds the capability of does not duplicate, state CBRNE analysis equipment to support the local responders to control, the CST response capabilities. characterization of the hazard), and can deploy 24 hours-a-day, 365 The Adjutant General can either several general-purpose vehicles. days-a-year to assist.33 | Georgia Department of Defense
  2. 2. The Georgia Army National Guard 4th Civil Support team’s Sgt. Jonathon Dean sheds his HAZMAT suit with help from Howard County Fire and Rescue HAZMAT technicians. Vehicles and personnel with Marietta’s 4th Civil Support Team are unloaded from a C-5 Galaxy at the West Virginia Air National Guard’s Martinsburg Air Base by Airmen of the 167th Airlift Squadron, 167th Airlift Wing.Georgia Air Guard Master Sgt. Eric Hogan, communications chief for theMarietta-based 4th Civil Support Team, conducts pre-mission checks on the CST’scommunications equipment in a staging area not far from Fort Detrick. Staff Sgt. Steve Phoenix (front), the CST’s decontaminationA CST team (dressed in white HAZMAT suits) and Cobb County Police Detective section supervisor, accepts weapons from a U.S. marshal beingSteve Brawner receive their safety brief from Capt. Randall Stover (right), the 4th CST directed to the decontamination line by a Howard CountySurvey Team supervisor, during Operation Vigilant Sample III. HAZMAT technician. 2011 Annual Report | 34