Georgia army national guard


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Georgia army national guard

  1. 1. 11 | Georgia Department of Defense
  2. 2. Georgia Army through the Commanding General, yielded outstanding ratings inNational Guard various measured programs of the 54 States and Territories (fourth in end- strength, remaining first in Medical The Georgia Army National Readiness, first in Dental Readiness,Guard (GARNG) consists of more and first to reach NGB’s goal ofthan 11,100 Citizen-Soldiers training 90% in influenza vaccination). Thein more than 79 hometown armories quality strength focus provided greaterand regional facilities across the state. impetus towards improving our dutyGeorgia’s Army Guard is the eighth qualification rate to 90.9%, one of thelargest in the nation and includes best in the National Guard.combat, combat support and combat The GARNG’s logistics excellenceservice support units. Brig. Gen. Joe Jarrard efforts focused on equipping the 648th Deputy Adjutant General The Georgia Army National Maneuver Enhancement Brigade and Ga. Army National GuardGuard is organized into five major the 560th Battlefield Surveillancesubordinate commands: the 48th Brigade for deployments whileInfantry Brigade Combat Team of fielding the 78th Homeland ResponseMacon; the 78th Homeland Response Force’s required equipment.Force at Clay National Guard Center The GARNG received ain Marietta; the 78th Aviation Troop tremendous influx of high-tech andCommand also at Clay; the 560th dual-use equipment. The majorBattlefield Surveillance Brigade at fielding installed all GARNG militaryFort Gillem; and the 648th Maneuver vehicles with Single Chanel GroundEnhancement Brigade in Columbus at and Air Radio Systems. The GARNGFort Benning. also significantly increased its cargo The organization’s mission is to movement capability with the additionprovide ready forces to the Governor of 60 M915 Line-haul Tractors. Theseand combatant commanders in order dual-use platforms better posture the Command Sgt. Maj. James Nelsonto support homeland defense and GARNG for use internally to support State Command Sgt. Majoroverseas contingency operations. In homeland defense or externally Georgia National Guard2011, the GARNG surpassed all federal to support overseas contingencyand state requirements to include the operations. guiding organization planning anddeployment or redeployment of more In support of the GARNG’s third opportunities for learning in order tothan 779 Soldiers, representing all priority of preeminent facilities, the improve value for our customers andfive major subordinate commands, organization renovated and improved stakeholders. This year, the GARNGwhile simultaneously conducting multiple facilities, completed was recognized as a Gold Winner inmultiple state and regional homeland construction on two new readiness the Army Community of Excellencecontingency exercises. centers at Fort Gillem and at Fort program for our business practices. The GARNG’s four priorities Benning, and began construction on These processes help the leadershipensure continued preparedness to meet two new facilities. establish priorities, focus theall missions: quality strength; logistics Individual and organization organization around them, and unifyexcellence; preeminent facilities; learning, innovation, and growth effort towards accomplishing them.individual and organization learning, are hallmarks of the continuous Ultimately, our business modelsinnovation and growth. improvement we expect of our give our seasoned leaders a model Relative to quality strength, the personnel and organization. The to repeat success year after yearGARNG’s success in the Recruiting GARNG leadership adopted the on a strategic level, thereby givingand Retention Force continued in Baldridge Business Model Process to flexibility to our frontline leaders.2011, as the battalion enlisted more improve organizational performance These accomplishments continue to setthan 1,411 quality recruits and officer practices, capabilities and results. In the conditions for the GARNG to becandidates. These new accessions, addition, the business model serves in a position of strength for increasedkey programs coupled with command as a working tool for understanding federal funding, future force structure,influence, from the company level and managing performance for and full-time manning. 2011 Annual Report | 12