Georgia air national guard


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Georgia air national guard

  1. 1. 19 | Georgia Department of Defense
  2. 2. Georgia Air threats. Members of Brunswick’s 224th Joint CommunicationsNational Guard Support Squadron joined the Joint Communications Support Element, providing rapidly deployable tactical High deployment tempo, communications to multiple locationssignificant organizational changes throughout Southwest Asia. Theand new state leadership underscored 202nd Engineering Installation2011 as a year of change for the 2,900 Squadron also deployed to SouthwestAirmen of the Georgia Air National Asia in 2011 for six months to supportGuard. Five of the Georgia Air Joint Task Force Expeditionary andGuard’s 10 operational units deployed Air Expeditionary communication Maj. Gen. Thomas R. Moorepersonnel and equipment throughout infrastructure taskings. Commanderthe year in support of Operations The Georgia Air National Guard Ga. Air National GuardNew Dawn, Odyssey Dawn, Unified saw the end of the blended wingProtector, and Enduring Freedom in concept in 2011. For a nine-yearaddition to the units’Air Expeditionary span, the 116th ACW operated asForce taskings. Although force draw- the only blended wing in the Airdowns appear imminent due to fiscal Force’s “Total Force Initiative.”constraints and conflict resolutions, The wing accomplished its uniquethe Georgia Air Guard’s core missions JSTARS mission with unparalleledare still in high demand. We are results, realizing many organizationalcommitted to our vision of developing synergies; however, many challengestop-tier Airmen and units to protect our remain. In the end, the time-testednation across the spectrum of conflict model of active association betweenand to protect its citizens from natural Air National Guard and Active Duty Chief Master Sgt. Donald M. Campand man-made disasters with our joint Air Force personnel proved the best State Command Chiefservices and interagency partners. solution. As a result, a new active duty Ga. Air National Guard Our largest unit, the 116th Air associate wing called the 461st AirControl Wing (ACW) based at Robins Control Wing was formed Sept. 30, Homeland Response Force, the 4thAFB, flying the E-8C Joint Surveillance 2011. As an active associate wing, the Civil Support Team, the Chemical,Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) 116th has the principal responsibility Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, andaircraft, has continuously deployed for the weapon system, but both wings Explosive enterprise, FEMA Regionaircraft and personnel in Southwest operate together as “Team JSTARS” IV, other FEMA regions, and with ourAsia for the last 10 years, amassing accomplishing the mission, integrating partners in the Georgia Emergencymore than 82,000 combat flying Guard and active duty personnel and Management Agency.hours. The 165th Airlift Wing based in functioning as one team. Our dual status, with responsibilitiesSavannah, flying the C-130H aircraft, All units of the Georgia Air to the state and federal government,has deployed aircraft and personnel Guard continue to play an active makes our mission unique andto Iraq and Afghanistan, on average, role in supporting Georgia’s provides the flexibility for both localevery 18 months. In 2011 alone, the homeland defense and defense and global response. In these times165th airlifted over 5,600 tons of support to civil authorities missions. of fiscal constraint, we are expectedcargo and flew 1,500 combat sorties. By providing unique capabilities to do more with less. However, as weOur geographically separated units – such as information awareness have done countless times in the past,continued their support of the Global assessment, engineering, airlift we will continue to provide highlyWar on Terror in 2011. The 165th Air and communications support – the motivated mission-ready forces forSupport Operations Squadron provided Georgia Air Guard is well positioned employment by the Governor and theJoint Terminal Attack Controllers to meet the growing demands of United States Department of multiple Army Infantry Brigade civil authorities. Our Airmen train Your Georgia Air National GuardCombat Teams, ensuring timely and regularly during exercises with is “Always Ready, Always There,efficient air response to imminent the Georgia National Guard’s 78th Always on Target.” 2011 Annual Report | 20