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  1. 1. Foreword This past year marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11 – an anniversary their growing role as a supplementary force to the Georgia National Guard. The Georgia Guard traces its that finds us still at war, yet, a better Notable was their quick response tohistory back through the militia trained and experienced force more community needs for disaster reliefmaintained by the colony of Georgia, ready than ever to serve our state and and search and rescue operationsto the first formal militias established nation. following local tornados – and thein the New World in 1636, to a much January 2011 also marked the professionalism and competence theyolder tradition of militia in England. ninth deployment of the 165th Airlift bring to the fight. We come from all walks of life. Wing out of Savannah. In its largest Major joint operations this yearSome of us are full-time, but most of deployment ever, six C-130 Hercules included successful Counterdrugus maintain entirely separate civilian aircraft and more than 100 flight operations, validation of Marietta’scareers. operations and maintenance personnel 78th Homeland Response Force, and But we Georgia Guardsmen all deployed for three months to Bagram the graduation of the 10,000th Youthhave one thing in common: our job is Air Base in Afghanistan. Later in ChalleNGe Academy serve our state anywhere, anytime the year, the 116th Air Control Wing 2011 was also a year of greatwe’re needed – and to serve our (flying the E-8C JSTARS) deployed change for the National Guard, withNation anywhere in the world. in support of NATO operations in the retirement of Major Generals Because of our backgrounds as Libya – adding a unique capability William T. Nesbitt and Maria Britt,civilians, because of the depth of for coordinating air and ground and the subsequent appointmentexperience we bring to our military operations in a hostile environment. of Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth andmission, we have a unique approach Other Airmen from the 116th Civil Brig. Gen. Joe Jarrard as Georgia’sto everything we do – whether in the Engineering Squadron made a brief Adjutant General and Commander ofskies over Afghanistan, or down on deployment stateside to help build an the Georgia Army National Guard,the ground in its deserts, or right here education center at a Navajo Nation respectively. Over 700 civilianat home responding to a domestic reservation in Arizona. dignitaries and members of theemergency. The year also found Georgia military attended a ceremony marking This Annual Report provides a Army National Guard Soldiers in the transition of responsibility.representative sample of the great combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Here in the Annual Report, you canwork done by the Georgia Department with Marietta’s Company C, 1-111th learn more about some of these events,of Defense in 2011. We think of this General Support Aviation Battalion, as well as the units themselves, andreport as more of an introduction to flying medical evacuation missions some specifics about the economicthe organization… an annual prologue right up to the very end of the mission and educational effects the Ga. DoDthat builds on our long and storied there. Georgia Army Guardsmen also has on Georgia. Taken holistically, itpast. trained and lived alongside Soldiers is clear that the operations we conduct, The year opened with an almost from the Uganda Peoples Defense the assistance we provide, the chancesimmediate opportunity to serve our Forces for a major exercise sponsored we have to learn and to lead – all allowcommunities when Georgia was hit by U.S. Army Africa. And, even as the us to live the organization’s valuesby the worst winter storm in decades. war in Iraq was winding down, Soldiers and truly realize our own potential inGuardsmen across the affected areas of the 648th Maneuver Enhancement service to the state and nation.stepped in to lend a hand to GEMA Brigade Headquarters were preparing We Guardsmen are proud of ourand other state agencies, providing to deploy to Afghanistan, where they mission, and proud of the role we playemergency transportation to medical would serve as Kabul Base Cluster both at home and abroad. We lookpersonnel as well as assisting the Command. forward to continuing to serve, andGeorgia State Patrol with stranded Happily, the year also included the to continuously seek ways to improvemotorists. return from combat of units including our service through the Georgia Later in the year, Army Guard the 190th Military Police Company, Department of Defense.helicopters and Air Guard bulldozers 877th Engineer Company, and theworked side-by-side with the Forestry 1-171st General Support Aviation Maj. John H. Alderman IVCommission to widen fire breaks and Battalion. State Public Affairs Officerdrop water on wildfires raging on the Volunteers of the State Defense Georgia Department of Defenseopposite side of the state. Force were equally active this year in5 | Georgia Department of Defense