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Emerging missions and ad ts


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Emerging missions and ad ts

  1. 1. Emerging the operational mentor and liaison teams, embedded training teams, and propaganda. Georgia’s Citizen- Soldiers were also actively involvedMissions provincial reconstruction teams, all operating in Afghanistan and Iraq. in civil-military projects designed to create Afghan jobs and offer military- National Guardsmen have a unique Helping the unfortunate and age men a paying alternative to joiningblend of civilian and military skills. oppressed through noncombat the insurgency.It is this dual, Citizen-Soldier nature initiatives is nothing new to the A year later, Guardsmen withand temperament of Guardsmen that National Guard. In the War on Terror, the 3-108th Calvary went to Ugandaallows them to be so effective when Guardsmen have helped Iraqis and to teach the Uganda Peoplesconducting “smart power” missions. Afghans improve infrastructure, Defense Force parachute skills. TwoThe National Guard has been advance law enforcement, bring Agribusiness Development Teamsconducting such missions in Eastern utilities to towns and villages, and with the 78th Homeland ResponseEurope, South America, Africa, and enhance relationships with local Force have deployed to AfghanistanCentral America for over two decades leaders. to teach the farmers there sustainableand is heavily involved in “smart For example, Guardsmen in agriculture techniques. And our 16-power” operations in Afghanistan. Georgia’s 48th Brigade took on several year State Partnership Program with The State Partnership Program, noncombat roles during their 2010 the nation of Georgia continues, asagribusiness development teams, deployment to Afghanistan. Soldiers that country became the largest non-and training and reconstruction of the 121st Infantry Regiment NATO contributor to the fight inteams are excellent examples of the provided medical assistance to Afghanistan.National Guard using civilian skills to children of the Kuchi nomadic tribe. Georgia’s Guardsmen have provensupport the geographical combatant Members of the 1-108th Cavalry themselves repeatedly in combat ascommanders’ theater campaign plans. Regiment opened two radio stations well as in humanitarian and domestic The National Guard also provides in the Muhmand Dara and Shinwar response missions. They consistentlyforces for several innovative training provinces to give the people of those perform at the professional level thatand reconstruction teams, including regions a voice to counter Taliban the state and nation expects.Agribusiness used the new language lab at Clay National Guard center to improve Afghans who learn these straight- forward practices can pass them on toDevelopment their understanding of the Pashto and Dari languages used in the region. their fellow farmers, especially those of the next generation.Teams The ADTs have also tapped the University of Georgia for additional In this way, they move ever- closer to self-sustainment and the Agribusiness development agriculture instruction from the staff revitalization of a local and nationalteams (ADTs) are part of the of UGA’s College of Agricultural and agricultural economy.counterinsurgency strategy put forth Environmental Sciences. While America’s agriculturalby the U.S.-led International Security Afghanistan may be a high-tech initiative in Afghanistan may beAssistance Force (ISAF). battlefield, but its agriculture practices considered a “noncombat mission,” it The ISAF was formed to put a are like those of America during the is still dangerous.stop to the violence in Afghanistan 1900s, or in some cases the 1800s. And Keeping the Taliban at bay, letand improve the Afghan people’s the farmers there are woefully poor – alone trying to force them to leaveconfidence in their central government. even by Afghanistan’s standards. the team’s area, will not be easy, The Georgia National Guard has The job of the ADTs is to help especially in those places the Talibanmade a three-year commitment to the Afghans change their practices calls home.provide ADTs in Afghanistan. The through education, mentorship and But the ultimate goal is to getfirst of these deployed for southeastern “easy-to-train, easy-to-sustain” crop, the Afghans accustomed to pickingAfghanistan in the spring of 2011. livestock, water and land management up shovels and seeds to solve their In preparation for that deployment, projects that fit their culture and their problems, instead of AK-47s andthe involved Georgia Guardsmen have environment. rocket-propelled grenades.37 | Georgia Department of Defense