Economic impact


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Economic impact

  1. 1. Economic Impact local economies from the National Guard. Not only are the 15,000 men work at Dobbins Air Reserve Base just across the flight line. Long before the Georgia National and women of the Guard enhancing Much is made – and rightly so –Guard established its present footprint the everyday lives of local citizens of the support our communities givein Cobb County and the surrounding by protecting the homeland and to their local Guard units. Indeed,communities, the military – active supporting war efforts around the from homecoming parades to localduty, Reserve and a handful or Army world, but they are also helping initiatives by community leadersand Air Guard units – was already protect the economic livelihoods of to find our Guardsmen gainfulmaking a positive impact on the local millions of Georgians. employment, community support haseconomy by buying or renting homes, One of the largest enhancements been outstanding.eating in local restaurants, shopping in to the local economic contribution of It is important – too – for theselocal stores, banking at local financial the Georgia National Guard came at communities to know what kind ofinstitutions, and seeking medical care the end of 2011 when the new Joint support they receive in return: notat local health facilities. Force Headquarters building opened just a ready and relevant force for Now, with a presence of some 80 at Clay National Guard Center. The responding to natural or manmadeentities around the state of Georgia, Georgia Guard then moved another disasters, but also a profoundNational Guardsmen contribute more 731 personnel onto Clay, boosting the economic influencer.than one billion dollars annually to organization’s presence in Cobb to What’s more, the Guard doesn’tthe economy of defense communities nearly 2,000 full-time personnel and just impact the bottom line of thesearound the state. traditional Guardsmen (those who communities, but Guardsmen are also From military and civilian wages attend drill once a month). an important part of the local socialto military construction, goods and That added to the 2,547 military fabric, in keeping with the traditionservices, dollars are flowing into the and civilian personnel who already of our nation’s minutemen. 2011 Annual Report | 6