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Dynamic and growing guard


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Dynamic and growing guard

  1. 1. Dynamic and Growing Guard With over 160 members, the Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRB) of the Georgia ArmyNational Guard engages in sourcing new talent throughout our State’s 159 counties. The RRB, inconjunction with the G1, is the primary driver by which the GAARNG achieves its end-strengthmission, currently designated as 11,100. And the RRB has been quite successful in this mission,growing the GARNG 40% since 2005, when its force strength was just around 8,000. As we look to the future, our enlisted recruiting mission for FY12 is to secure 1,400 more ofthe best and brightest to be in your Georgia National Guard. Relationship-building within our defense communities around the state of Georgia isentrusted to three enlisted strength companies. These companies work with communities, highschools, and post-secondary educational institutions in Georgia to find new, qualified membersfor our enlisted ranks. We seek out and even grow future leaders in the Georgia Guard through our RRB’s officerstrength company by engaging in a variety of specialties aimed at attracting future leaders to theorganization. First, we recruit and train candidates who wish to earn a commission as a second lieutenantor warrant officer appointment by completing an officer or warrant officer candidate schoolprogram. Second, we work with senior ROTC departments at Georgia’s colleges and universities toattract young leaders for commissioning from within the state. Our specialty branch recruiting team seeks experienced professionals in the fields of law,medicine, and divinity, who commission respectively into the Judge Advocate General’s Corps,the Medical Corps, or the Chaplain Corps. The eclectic personnel of the Georgia National Guard have optimally positioned theorganization for success – to continue on as a strong and growing organization of excellence,recognized as a leader in strength, readiness and innovation, postured for effective response, andchosen for new missions and force structure. The many perspectives of our Soldiers and Airmen offer a variety of solutions to today’sproblems. We know that diversity is not just a matter of ethnographic diversity, but ofsocioeconomic, demographic, experiential, informational, cultural and fundamental diversity aswell. There is a direct correlation between diversity of thought within a group and its capacity forproblem-solving. The Ga. DoD implements diversity as a priority on every level of the organization so that theorganization provides opportunities for all members who live the Ga. DoD values to realize theirfull potential through service. We have units from the Army and Air Guard rotating in and out of Afghanistan, Iraq, theHorn of Africa, and places around the world in support of our war efforts. Their performance hasbeen exemplary. As the Secretary of Defense pursues initiatives to reduce overhead and increase efficiencywithin the DoD, many, including Georgia’s Adjutant General, feel that the way ahead on suchinitiatives lies in the National Guard – as the Guard’s cost-efficiency relative to capabilityperfectly aligns it to be a key pillar in achieving the Secretary’s intent. The Georgia Guard,specifically, has provided key support in the Global War on Terrorism and in homeland security.The men and women of Georgia’s National Guard are providing valuable, unique skill sets andexperiential knowledge that can only be provided by Citizen-Soldiers and -Airmen who have
  2. 2. developed a different set of skills and abilities other than Soldiering. Not only is the Guard muchless expensive than the Active Component, but the government gets “two for the price of one”because of the Guard’s dual state and federal missions. It is important to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of employers around the state tosupport their National Guard employees. Too often, when talking about state and federalmissions, people forget that Guardsmen are Citizen-Soldiers. Meaning, they’re citizens first, withcivilian jobs. So, when Guardsmen and Airmen need to depart for a mission or training, it takes atoll on the employers they leave behind. It would be difficult to describe just how important the efforts of these employers are, notjust because they maintain our Soldiers as employees, but also because the professional skillsand experiences they work to help these Guardsmen acquire make Guardsmen better at theirmilitary role as well. These employers, too, play a key role in our fight in the War on Terrorism -by helping us to diversify and educate the Soldiers and Airmen engaging that fight. Of course, this is a two-way street. In return our employers get a drug-free, physically fit,leader as an employee in return. Truly, the Georgia Guard is a dynamic and growingorganization: one in which the state of Georgia can take immense pride.(Word Count 760)