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  1. 1. Counterdrug National Guard Counterdrug Program personnel, as a whole, second largest marijuana operation in state history, whereupon 26,212 Task Force are woven into the fabric of our communities all across America, plants with a street value of more than $52 million were seized. operating in 54 states and territories. Another important aspect of The Counterdrug Task Force The more than 40 members the CDTF is the Drug Demand and conducts a full-spectrum campaign of the Ga. CDTF assists civil Reduction program, which provides that bridges the gap between authorities in illegal narcotic and educational programs to schools Department of Defense and non- property seizures, and marijuana and civic organizations on drug Department of Defense institutions eradication. Additionally, through awareness and prevention. During in the fight against illicit drugs programs such as the Drug Demand 2010, this drug awareness program and transnational threats to the Reduction program, the CDTF was presented to a total of more than homeland. The program contributes provides education to schools and 77,825 students. military support for local, state and civic organizations throughout In 2011, the CDTF underwent a federal law enforcement agencies Georgia. three-day counterdrug performance and community-based organizations In 2010, the more than 40 highly evaluation. This inspection, as well as combatant commanders. trained Georgia Guardsmen in the conducted by National Guard Bureau The Counterdrug program’s goal CDTF assisted in illegal narcotic and Counterdrug Operations, reviewed is to provide the nation with a drug- property seizures totaling in excess the program’s administration free, mission-ready force to defend of $421 million dollars. Marijuana and logistics, aviation resources, the interests of its citizens at home Eradication in 2010 was at its highest training, and finance operations. and abroad. in years, with over 75,000 outdoor It also reviewed the CDTF The unique military skills of these plants being eradicated. administrators of the Georgia Soldiers and Airmen are the key to In July 2010, the largest Guard’s Joint Substance Abuse providing this vital support. They Methamphetamine lab on the Program, or JSAP. Georgia Guard work at all levels of government to entire East Coast was discovered, CDTF program scored 98 out of a anticipate, deter, and defeat these producing approximately 200 lbs. of possible 100 on the inspection. The threats in order to enhance national meth per month. In Sept., the Georgia average score for the nation’s 54 security and protect our society. CDTF facilitated the discovery of the counter drug programs is 89. Local, state and federal officers gather at a rally point before moving on to their objective – a sparsely wooded area being used by simulated drug dealers for a simulated drug deal. The group was among the more than 20 officers from departments and agencies across Georgia who took part in the five-day Woodland Training course put on by the Georgia Counterdrug Task Force and taught by Georgia Army Guardsmen who make up the Task Force’s Ground Reconnaissance Teams.35 | Georgia Department of Defense