Civic Organization Brief


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  • Note: this is the whole National Guard, not just GANG.
  • Your Georgia National Guard has had an extremely busy and productive year. Some of this years highlights include:-Youth Challenge Academy -YOUR GA National Guard deployed more than 1500 troops away form the families to 10 different countries around the world since last November…many of them for up to one year-The State Partnership program allowed us to train with the Republic of Georgia half a dozen times this past year, strengthening our partnership-Support here stateside to the DNC (Democratic National Convention), RNC (Republican National Convention), Hurricane Sandy, South West Border Support, on going Counter Drug Support to the state of Georgia, and other routine support to the state. -Our new CH-47 Chinooks out of Savannah are a wonderful addition to our fleet…YOUR GA National Guard was one of the first to o respond to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts deploying 3 of our new Chinooks to NY and NJ.
  • Stratcom messages:  G2:  we lead the nation with innovative training and world class, S3:  We have a significant positive effect on the state's economy.Stratcom message C2:  We appreciate the support we receive from our communities.
  • Civic Organization Brief

    1. 1. Georgia Army National GuardGeorgia Air National GuardGeorgia State Defense Force
    2. 2. The Georgia Department of Defenseprovides ready and relevant military forcesto Combatant Commanders, and withconsent of the Governor providescapabilities to support Homeland Defenseand Defense Support to Civil Authorities.
    3. 3. StateDefenseForceGeorgia Departmentof DefensePresidentNational GuardBureauGovernorNathan DealCommander-in-ChiefArmyNationalGuardAirNationalGuardMaj. Gen. JimButterworthAdjutant General11,100+ Soldiers 2,800+ Airmen 800 Members 460 State EmployeesStateOperations
    4. 4. The National Guard• ​ National Guard members serve for one-third the cost of their active dutycounterparts but serve in the same roles when needed.• ​ Using only 11% of the Army budget, the Army National Guard provides32% of the Army’s total personnel and 40% of its operating forces .• ​ Using only 6% of the Air Force budget, the Air National Guard provides19% of the Air Force’s total personnel and 30-40% of the Air Force fighter,tanker and airlift capacity.• ​ National Guardsmen serve longer and retire later than their activecounterparts, maintaining expertise and increasing the value of thetraining.• ​ An “as-needed” force, nearly 85% of the National Guard is part-time.
    5. 5. 78th Aviation Troop Command78th Homeland Response ForceTotal Strength: 11,100+ Soldiers
    6. 6. Total Strength: 2,800+ Airmen116th Air Control Wing165th Airlift Wing
    7. 7. Total Strength: 800 Volunteers• Re-authorized in 1973 under the OfficialCode of Georgia, Title 38, and the StateConstitution.• Supports National Guard forces deployedon state missions and the families offederalized National Guard units.• Can be mobilized to provide immediate,short-term aid to communities.
    8. 8. UNCLASSIFIEDState Partnership - GeorgiaOperation Enduring FreedomKosovoQatar (OEF)AfricaMalaysia
    9. 9. • $680M in federal fundscome into the State,balanced by a state budgetof only $9M• Over $25M in state incometax on Guard payroll• $135M in militaryconstruction in progress• 40% growth in the GeorgiaGuard since 2005* Blue = Georgia NationalGuard Armories
    10. 10. Counterdrug ProgramState Missions“Always Ready, Always There, ALWAYSON TARGET!”State Partnership ProgramYouth ChalleNGe Academy
    11. 11. STARBASE A National Guard Youth Program, part of the GeorgiaDepartment of Defense Directorate of Joint Operations,and is located at Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Provides at-risk kids a 25-hour immersion program inscience, technology, engineering, and mathematics Currently involves around 800 students a year, with plansin motion to grow to 3000 students in the next 3 years.
    12. 12. YOUR Georgia National Guard2012 Highlights ​Youth Challenge Academies – graduated 660 studentsthis year…11,499 since 1993! 1,558 troops from the Georgia National Guard deployedto 10 different countries since last November. Your GA National Guard partnered with The Republic ofGeorgia 6 times this past year for training andemergency preparedness efforts. New CH-47 Chinooks in Savannah and State of the ArtHangar…well utilized during Hurricane Sandy.
    13. 13. • Support drilling Guardsmenwhen they return home fromthe war fight.• Hire a hero – “Guard yourBusiness” helped 300Guardsmen find work sinceJune 2012.• Support Guard families.Helpful web
    14. 14.  ​Global Guardian: This was the first of several annual trainingexercises to be cancelled in March 2013. This impacts readiness notto mention the economy of Savannah . Technician Furloughs: Economic impact to state, impact on shiftrotations and manning of furloughs to nearly 2,000 civiliantechnicians, facing 20% pay cut. Degraded readiness: In addition to Global Guardian and otherexercises being cancelled, the training that is still happening is alsoimpeded due to the availability of training ammunition…that is goingto be severely reduced. Less community presence: In the wake of sequestration manycommunity events have been cancelled. Bands, color guards andstatic displays will be few due to cost.
    15. 15. The GeorgiaDepartment of