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Army National Guard Civic Organization Brief


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Army National Guard Civic Organization Brief

  1. 1. The Georgia Army National Guard Always Ready, Always There.
  2. 2. MissionThe Georgia Army National Guard provideswell trained and motivated forces to theGovernor and the Combatant Commandersin order to support Full SpectrumOperations – Offensive, Defensive, Stability,and Civil Support.
  3. 3. Organization Governor Nathan Deal President Commander-in-Chief National Guard Maj. Gen. Jim Butterworth Bureau Adjutant General Georgia Department of Defense Army Air StateNational National Defense State Guard Guard Force Operations11,100+ Soldiers 2,800+ Airmen 637 Members 460 State Employees
  4. 4. Georgia Army National Guard 78th Homeland Response ForceTotal Strength: 11,100+ Soldiers 78th Aviation Troop Command
  5. 5. 48th Infantry Brigade Combat TeamInfantryCavalryField ArtilleryEngineerMilitary IntelligenceUnmanned Aerial SystemsOver 3400 personnel
  6. 6. 78th Aviation Troop CommandUH-60 Black HawksCH-47 ChinooksFixed-wing AircraftLUH-72 LakotasOver 700 personnel
  7. 7. 78th Homeland Response ForceCERFP/CST Medical Maintenance Transportation Military Training Commands Regional Support Commands Public Affairs Band Finance Detachment Topographic Company History DetachmentOver 3500 personnel
  8. 8. 560th Battlefield Surveillance BrigadeMilitary IntelligenceReconnaissanceCombat Service SupportOver 1300 personnel
  9. 9. 648th Maneuver Enhancement BrigadeEngineersCombat EngineersMilitary PoliceCombat Service SupportOver 1400 personnel
  10. 10. Japan Kosovo State Partnership - Georgia Operation New Dawn LebanonZanzibar Operation Enduring Freedom Qatar (OND) UNCLASSIFIED
  11. 11. A Statewide Presence • $680M in federal funds come into the State, balanced by a state budget of only $9M • Over $25M in state income tax on Guard payroll • $135M in military construction in progress • 40% growth in the Georgia Guard since 2005
  12. 12. Supporting your Georgia Guard • Support drilling Guardsmen • Hire a hero • Support Guard families Helpful web sites: for Employer support of the Guard and Reserve for the Family Support Foundation
  13. 13. The Georgia National Guard Always Ready, Always