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IPM Global Mobility Corporate Presentation


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Our purpose is to help HR professionals manage their assignments. We understand how complex this can be, and how much time and effort, care and attention, are necessary. We also understand how many other challenges these professionals face, as they become increasingly involved in managing and driving change in their organisations.

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IPM Global Mobility Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate profile A helping hand for Companies working in the global market place Our purpose is to help HR professionals manage their assignments. We understand how complex this can be, and how much time and effort, care and attention, are necessary. We also understand how many other challenges these professionals face, as they become increasingly involved in managing and driving change in their organisations.
  2. 2. So what does this mean? Global Mobility is the movement of employees from one country to another, to fulfil a role for a temporary or defined period of time. The intention is for the employee to subsequently return to their home location (or be re-assigned to another location). International transfers are also forms of global mobility, but these tend to be permanent transfers (i.e. the employee ceases to be employed by the home company) and are generally treated as international relocations. Global mobility/assignments can range in length, and although there are general principles they are ultimately based on company policy. An introduction to Global Mobility
  3. 3. Why companies invest in global mobility In order to strategically respond to business need, companies must be able to move the right people to the right place at the right time. The global mobility programme can provide powerful reinforcement of the business strategy/overriding people strategy.  Local Skills shortage - Provide specific skills not available in host location  Personal request - E.g. to follow spouse, where this aligns with business need  Cross border project - To assist with a project for a limited period  Knowledge transfer - Emerging market, building new office, manage acquisition, train/develop local employees, knowledge/process/skills/technology transfer  Professional development - International career development and experience Drivers for Global Mobility
  4. 4. What do we do? Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Services Our services are enabled and supported by our proprietary software and technology tools. Experience tells us that this service delivery model enables the IPM Global Mobility client service team to focus on client needs and agenda, while developing a strong working relationship with their stakeholders.
  5. 5. Our global HR services Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 05 Risk Analysis and Mitigation Time spent on remuneration calculations can be excessive. We will ensure you are compliant in all aspects of tax, social security and immigration. Compensation and Remuneration To manage your international assignment costs, you need precise information to calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation packages. On-going management & support Your need for support doesn’t stop after expatriation. We are there to support you and your assignees for the duration of the assignment. Consultancy and Advisory Services You can be confident through our services that you have up- to-date polices. We will support you with the challenges of your global mobility strategies. Assignment Management Our bespoke services and technology tools give you the flexibility to plan and manage a wide range of assignment types – from long to short term. Repatriation & reassignment Efficient repatriation helps the assignee and their family reintegrate back into their home country. This supports a positive outcome to the assignment. Technology & database management Our tools are available every step of the way, thereby, reducing time spent on individual actions, ensuring process efficiency and enabling total control. Tax Returns As part of our service offering, we can instruct and manage the home and host country tax return service as part of our normal service offering.
  6. 6. Measures of success and RoI Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 06 01. Compliance Immigration and Tax authorities worldwide take a close interest in globally mobile employees as they are seen as an easy target for non-compliance. 02. Home & Host country tax and social security Due to non-compliance the costs can be very significant in terms of unpaid Tax and Social Security (both home and host countries) as well as the fines and penalties that will be imposed. 03. Immigration Failure to meet Immigration requirements may result in deportation. In both cases corporate reputation can be damaged irreparably. 04. Retention & development of employees It is essential to ensure that international assignees are sufficiently trained to get the most out of the benefits advancing the individual’s career, but to also add value to the organisation.
  7. 7. Who are our people? Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Our team Within the IPM Senior Management Team of four, we boast over 100 years worth of combined experience in Expatriate Taxation, International Payroll and Global Mobility management. Our remaining employees come from Expatriate Taxation, Payroll, Global Mobility and Process Management backgrounds. We enhance and develop this talent with formal and informal training both – external and internal.
  8. 8. Managing Director Compliance Director Regional Director Strategic Director Alan Bentley Alan joined IPM in 2004 as Managing Director. He is highly experienced in HR at a senior level including international and executive compensation for local nationals, expatriates, and third country nationals. Anna Di Pasquale Anna joined IPM in 2003. Anna has extensive experience in international HR and provides services to several clients who between them have assignees in more than 20 countries. Julie Buchanan Julie joined IPM in March 2013. She has been providing expatriate employee tax advisory and compliance services for twenty-three years. Eleven of these were with one of the Big 4 accountancy firms. Scott Niven Scott joined IPM in 1997. He manages full out-sourced expatriate administration services for an extensive portfolio of clients, both UK and overseas, whose assignees are spread around the world. Your dedicated account team Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 08
  9. 9. Alan Bentley Ensuring your company is fully compliant, and your assignees and their families arrive at their new destination relaxed, prepared, and ‘ready to go’. We employ professionals who can match their technical knowledge with a real passion and natural ability to build friendly relationships with clients, HR teams and assignees. We have been successfully helping our clients with their overseas assignments for over 20 years. Therefore, we have a thorough understanding of the key challenges facing you with your global mobility programs. I am immensely proud of the whole team, their expertise, and their dedication to deliver outstanding high-touch service and advice to all of our clients and their assignees “ Managing Director ”
  10. 10. Who are we? Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions About us IPM Global Mobility Limited (IPM) was established in 1995. We work in the international HR sector, providing specialist HR, Tax and Relocation services and management tools to businesses which employ people who are assigned to work overseas.
  11. 11. An extension of your HR Team We value the relationships we have with our clients and we like to see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ HR teams, not just a supplier like everyone else. This helps us understand our clients’ needs effectively and identify where we can support and guide them in the best possible way – providing strategic input whilst providing effective management of our clients’ GM programme. Network service providers We will utilise the network of service providers which we have established over many years of providing global mobility services across the board. This network has been created by sourcing the best in the fields of immigration, freight, relocation and destination service providers, so that individual client requirements can be matched to the best suited provider. Assignees are people, not numbers Our high quality, high touch, responsive service, gives you the confidence that you and your assignees will be supported at all times. Relocating for an international assignment can be a stressful time; we help manage the transition from home to host country by guiding all parties through the entire process, to minimise the impact on the assignee and their family. Our USP’s Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 11
  12. 12. How do we do it? Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 12 Partnership We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture and develop strong professional networks of like- minded organisations, who share our ethos and with whom we can work to provide a seamless service to our clients. Contracts We have signed contracts with all of our clients and work under strict SLAs. Notice periods are contractually provided for and renewal terms are also stipulated. Fees IPM is able to offer competitive fees to our clients. This fee structure reflects our nimble, low cost operating model, where IPM does not carry the expensive overheads of London or other capital city based organisations. Services We have a proven track record demonstrating an ability to identify cost savings and manage risks across such a programme. We manage every aspect. Technology Our highly effective service delivery processes are supported using our internal database. From this source we provide management reporting capability across all aspects of the assignment data which we hold. Our people As an organisation we have a set of values which are fundamental to everything that we do - our people act with integrity and respect, and build effective long-term client relationships based on doing the right thing. The success of our service We have the breadth of service offerings that a global organisation requires when it is looking to for a supplier to support its GM programme in its entirety.
  13. 13. 01 Specialist skills It was acknowledged by a number of interviewees that we offered a unique and valuable service which they could not do in-house as cost- effectively (if at all). In addition, the specialist skills of some of the key staff were highly valued. 02 Friendly and helpful The strength of relationship with the account manager was a key attribute and one of the most valued aspects of the service. As before, there were many mentions that our team felt like part of the client’s team. 04 Excellent value for money Building on the ‘bespoke’ theme, there was another positive comment relating to the way in which our fees were structured, enabling the clients to select the aspects of the service most relevant to their business needs. 03 Speed and flexibility of response There were many comments praising our responsiveness and speed to answer the clients’ questions. It was clear that the respondents valued having a named contact dedicated to their account. Our Clients We provide a high touch, personal service which ongoing client feedback, undertaken by an external auditor confirms as being of an excellent standard. This gives us a true reflection on our work and honest feedback as it is completely un-biased.
  14. 14. "We are an international company based in the UK and north-eastern US with an expat population of 25/30 assignees at any one time. We and IPM Global Mobility have enjoyed a close working relationship for twelve years and we are very much ‘one’ team, with IPM offering top class administration support. They offer a high touch, professional, reliable Service, are very approachable and a joy to work with.“ Global Mobility Manager, FTSE 100 “
  15. 15. Where we are Providers of Global Assignee Management Solutions Page 15 ENG/SCO/CPH IPM has EMEA operations in Peterborough, England; Aberdeen, Scotland; and Copenhagen, Denmark. Our physical presence is in Europe currently but through the service providers that we use, and the way that our services are structured, we are able to service our clients’ global requirements wherever they arise. We are financially independent from these providers, so make our selection based purely on the best fit for individual client needs. Operating collaboratively in this way means that IPM is represented across the globe. This ensures that our clients receive the local support which their employees require while benefitting from centralised management of their Global Mobility programme. At any one time, we are managing assignments in some 50 home and 60 host countries. In this way, we are able to manage a high percentage - and with some clients, a majority - of non-UK touch assignments currently.
  16. 16. Contact us Enabling companies to manage their global mobility programme, within budget while ensuring compliance across the board. +44 (0)845 458 5643