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Face off georgia amass


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Face off georgia amass

  1. 1. Face off
  2. 2. Genre, titles and logos The film opens with ‘Touchstone’ picture logo, so that straight away we know what company produced the film. The titles are shown separately which could be criticised as they are shown at the beginning and after a short bit of footage. They are both on plain backgrounds, however this works to an advantage as in the scene the titles do not take any attention off the characters and what’s happening. This works to an advantage as a lot of focus is needed from the viewers to focus on the enigma. Titles are shown after the ‘Touchstone’ logo. We see names of producers and directors, however the actual film title is not shown until the middle of the opening after a small piece of footage has been seen. This plays with the audiences mind as the first shots do not match or represent the genre. The genre of the film is action/thriller. We establish this straight away when the camera turns to the gunman. Also the change in music helps us to recognise this, going from joyful but mysterious to scary, deep music. Despite this when the film first starts we do not straight away know or think the film genre is action/thriller. We are first tricked to think that it is a family film, a dramatic film. Set in a fun and friendly area surrounded by other people we do not expect it to be an action/thriller film.
  3. 3. Characters The main characters are established at the beginning when one of the two is on the Carrousel with who we assume to be his son. The opening also features the gunman (the other main character). It is obvious to us that these two are going to remain important characters as they have the most screen time in the opening and take the main focus throughout the opening. No one else is featured in the opening except a few background actors. Mise en scene: Costume: Both characters are wearing black. This at first makes us wonder who is the bad guy and who is good. When we do finally see who the bad guy is we see how the black clothing represents his personality and dark side. The black that John Travolta is wearing could potentially represent the death of his son the scene. All together the black represents the mood and what happens within the scene. Lighting: The lighting throughout the scene is grey. This presents and mimics the mood and the death of the child. It also could represent the thoughts of the characters, for example revenge and conflict...etc. The dull grey lighting goes well with the scene and helps viewers on some level understand what's happening. Actors: There are two main actors who we assume are enemies. We are not quite sure of there authorities or status as there is no speaking. Make-up: The make-up of the two main male characters is natural as it seems to be a normal day at first. Special effects make-up is used when the gunman pulls the trigger. A lot of blood is used on John Travolta and his son. Props: The use of the gun as a props helps to recognise the genre of the film as a weapon is normally included in most action films. With out the weapon there would be no clues to the genre until the main films starts. Setting: The carrousel which is shown in the first opening moments of the film instantly tells us where they are, a fairground. We are only shown the basic surroundings of the carrousel and not many other features of the setting. This puts main focus on the area of action. There are no distractions.
  4. 4. Enigma The entire opening scene is making the audience question what is going on. It remains a mystery why the gunman is shooting at the other man. This is effective as it leaves the audience wanting to know more. The fact that both men are dressed in black at first makes us wonder who is the bad guy. The lack of speech in the scene raises questions such as: what the gunman's motive is? Why he is shooting him? What has happened before this? The music adds to this as its mysterious and creepy. When watching you are not sure what to think. The surroundings of the carrousel aren't obvious as they aren't shown. The fact that the gunman has chosen to shoot the man in front of his son and in such a public place makes us wonder what he has done to deserve it. We first don’t see the body on the ground we just see blood on the horse where the little boy was sitting with his father. This raises the question as to who has been shot and who is hurt. Lastly the very beginning of the opening is a shot of the carrousel. The horses are shown going round and round. It then jumps and the horses going round become blurry. Could this represent a cycle of the two main characters? Could this represent conflict or confusion?
  5. 5. Theme The theme starts with a joyful, calm atmosphere but is soon disturbed. The theme of the film is immediately questions when the gunman shoots who we believe is one on the man characters and his son. A mysterious and dangerous atmosphere is established from this point onwards. The theme of revenge is shown when the gunman shoots. His facial expressions seem evil and like he hates the other character. For example there is a close up shot of the characters eye, the emotion is clear. The fact that the two men are dressed in black also suggests revenge. There is also a small theme of guilt. When we see the gunman learn that he has his son with him there is a close up that shows him hesitate. However the theme of revenge is stronger as he does it anyway.