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Presentation feedback

  1. 1. Soap Opera Presentations:Names: Steph, Lily, Sam Sub- genre: melodramaIs the definition clear and easy to Music used in background to create motion, Melo = music (inunderstand? greek)What soaps could fit into this sub- Hollyoaks, emmerdale, coronation street, downtown abbygenre?Have they given clear examples of Stereo typed characters - Villain, damsel in distress, hero, sidecodes and conventions, using kicks,existing examples?Have they covered the use of: Sound – only non diiegetic sound in hollyoaks (fast, tension) dramatic, - coronation street ( diegetic sound – radio, to createLighting realism)Editing Editing – hollyoaks, explosions, blurred, (fast, quick) coronationMise en Scene street (slow)Sound Setting – fictional parts of real cities, Lighting – daylight, naturalistic, realism, (inside – reflectors to show light from windows) hollyoaks lighting – false, dramatic effectAny extra information? Camera – zoom, pan, - used differently in different melodramas due to situations, age, Exaggerated – to keep audience interested Plots – keep viewers informed Corrie – leaves to adverts on a cliff-hanger, same with hollyoaks to make audience think they have to keep watching to know what is going on and what happens.Questions?Names: Harriet, Beth, max Sub- genre: telenovaIs the definition clear and easy to Tv novel, normally Spanish / latin Americaunderstand? Higher morals, don’t have affairs, sex, taboo (more sock) drama- listic, produced MexicoWhat soaps could fit into this sub- Novella,genre? Teen drama, mytery drama, rom com, pop band story, historical drama.Have they given clear examples of Youtube clip – novella, ugly betty,codes and conventions, using Humorous, strong topics – exaggerates their real life, escape,existing examples? cultural,Have they covered the use of: Lighting – strong lighting, heavy make up Camera – 2 shots (morals)Lighting Editing – close ups, exaggerated – not realistic,Editing Sounds – upbeat, bouncy, humorous – not realisticMise en Scene Story is told my music, facial expressions, close ups
  2. 2. SoundAny extra information? Audience - Wide following in Russia, eastern Europe, france, Greece, china, japan, Egypt. Named after – topics instead of places (uk) False genre Story line – ritch man following a girl, priest noisying in everyone’s business, link between ritch and poor, colourful clothes, real authentic Mexicans never hero, poor become rich, based on fairy tales, rich more arrogant, cat fights, lots of sex, girls seen as sex symbols (wear lots of makeup)Questions?Names: Vicky, Kat, Sub- genre: american fantasyStephenIs the definition clear and easy to Based on unrealistic story lines, based on average peopleunderstand? (british soaps) who audience can relate toWhat soaps could fit into this sub- Dallas, 90210, desperate house wives, one tree hillgenre?Have they given clear examples of All have female voice-overs on adverts,codes and conventions, using Story lines – near death experiences, car crashes, affairs,existing examples? teenage pregnancy, drug addictions, sex, drinkingHave they covered the use of: Establishing shots Sound - non diegetic- links to location, background music,Lighting dramatic, fit within scene, suddenly changesEditing diegetic - messages, dialogue (screaming, door knocks, gunMise en Scene shot)Sound Clothing – exaggerated Location - Lighting – saturated lighting, bright, artificial, flatter the stars at all times, much based on daylight Camera – high angle, establishing shot to set location, two shot shows reactions Editing – emphasise story line, flash backs (relevant to current story line)Any extra information? Stereotypes – mysterious woman, charms capture her lovers in bonds, male whose good looks excite woman audiences, bad guy who usually causes trouble (violent), mother figure who looks after and gives advice to other characters Idealised version, characters – lonely, exaggerated,Questions?
  3. 3. Names: Rebecca, Sub- genre: Australian soaps (melodramas)Is the definition clear and easy to Soap set in Australia with exaggerated storylines and charactersunderstand?What soaps could fit into this sub- Neighbours, home away, out of the bluegenre?Have they given clear examples of Wide gaps between houses, represents wealth, wide range ofcodes and conventions, using audience,existing examples?Have they covered the use of: Costume – bright, summer clothes, links with weather Setting – trees, big houses, beach, sun, connotations – whiteLighting clothing, composed, community, less make up, natural,Editing Lighting – day light, bright, sunlightMise en Scene Camera shots – show background to show setting andSound brightness, Sound – diegetic (Australian accent, show location)Any extra information? Launch pad into another, bigger career, People become more famous from first being in an melodrama, e.g ‘Kyle Manouge & Jason Donavan’ More generations features, union, Extras – realism Stereotypes – everyone Australian, show different ethnicities but with Australian accent, idealised life style – bbq’s, outside pool, makes audience think thats what all Australians doQuestions?Names: Alex, Stephen Sub- genre: RealismIs the definition clear and easy to Made to not look constructedunderstand?What soaps could fit into this sub- Emmerdale, eastenders, coronation streetgenre?Have they given clear examples of Similar situations – audience relate to make themselves feelcodes and conventions, using better and deal better with itexisting examples?Have they covered the use of: Editing – subtle, everyday life, natural Camera work – make it realisticLighting Lighting – very basic, no special effects usedEditing Setting, made up towns / places,Mise en Scene Sounds – diegetic (accent, diaglouge, door slamming...)Sound Not any non- diegetic sound what so everAny extra information? Stereotypes – everyday peoples, families, friends Narratives – everyday situations audience can relate to (family arguments)
  4. 4. Questions?