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Let Diego Manage Your Docker Application


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Did your application fail to start because Docker Hub was unavailable? Someone changed an image you depend on and messed up your application? Every new instance of your Docker application takes ages to download? Cloud Foundry’s new orchestration manager makes it possible to run any application on Linux and Windows, guarantees that the system is eventually consistent with what the users desired and provides enhanced support for running Docker applications.

In this presentation we will show you how to take advantage of Docker’s packaging and deployment models, to reliably scale and run your applications without depending on Docker Hub. The project goals include enabling the use of private docker images, highly available backends and effective image management. We’ll also share our experience collaborating in a cross-continent team and the variety of tools we use for adding new features.

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Let Diego Manage Your Docker Application

  1. 1. Let Diego Manage Your Docker App Georgi Sabev
  2. 2. Who am I? • SAP Developer • CF Dojo Participant • Cloud Foundry Committer
  3. 3. Who is Diego? • CF Next Gen Runtime • Self Healing • Eventually Consistent
  4. 4. Who is Diego? Cloud Controller Task LRP Stager Nsync Bridge Diego Stage App Run App Start Task Run LRP
  5. 5. CF + Docker? Why? • CF And Containers • Garden • Docker
  6. 6. CF + Docker? How? • cf-docker • Decker • Diego Native Support cf push --buildpack cf-docker app-dir/ cf docker-push app busybox cf push --stack decker app-dir/
  7. 7. Problem? What Problem? • Unpredictable scaling • Performance • Private Images
  8. 8. Our Solution Diego Hub Private Registry Keep Out
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Image Caching Opt-in Support Secure Registry Private Images S3 Storage Disk Quota Riak CS Storage High Availability Golang Registry Docker v2 Timeline
  11. 11. Team
  12. 12. Thank You