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The future of the contact centre


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On the 5th December 2013, Intelecom took a trip into the future to look at the trends which will influence our contact centres and the way in which we deliver customer service. Featuring a fascinating key note from Gartner, Intelecom also took the opportunity to dispel some of the myths surrounding Cloud contact centres and highlighted the growing importance of Social Media in customer service.

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The future of the contact centre

  1. 1. The future of your contact centre… 5TH DECEMBER 2013 ST ERMINS HOTEL, LONDON
  2. 2. Agenda Time Session Speaker 09:30 Welcome from Intelecom Klaas van der Leest 09:40 Cloud Contact Centre – Fact or Fiction? Mark Edgeworth 09:50 The truth about Social Media in business Bobby Abedeen 10.00 Case Study: Challenges and opportunities of Social Media in customer service Magnus Kristiansen 10:30 Refreshment Break 10:45 Gartner: Customer experience and the future of the contact centre. 11:30 Thank you from Intelecom and iPad Mini prize draw 2 The Future of Contact Centres Jim Davies
  3. 3. The cloud of everything 3 The Future of Contact Centres
  4. 4. The cloud of everything 4 The Future of Contact Centres
  5. 5. The cloud of everything 5 The Future of Contact Centres
  6. 6. A customer perspective ` 6 The Future of Contact Centres
  7. 7. A customer perspective ▶ Channel shift ▶ Different channels: different customer satisfaction ▶ Phone and email still top ▶ Digital emergence ▶ Customer expectations 7 The Future of Contact Centres
  8. 8. Intelecom 8 The Future of Contact Centres
  9. 9. The Cloud Contact Centre – fact or fiction? MARK EDGEWORTH, INTELECOM
  10. 10. ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Cloud is here to stay Cloud Application Revenues were $22.9b in 2011* Projected to reach $67.3b by 2016 Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24% By 2016, $1 of every $5 will be spent on cloud based software and infrastructure – 14 years old with over 100,000 customers On the UK Government’s G-Cloud Framework (just like Intelecom) *Source: IDC Report – Worldwide SaaS and Cloud Software 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares 10
  11. 11. 8 most popular myths about Cloud Contact Centres 11
  12. 12. FICTION ! ▶ 12 Legacy expensive telephony kit has to be thrown away
  13. 13. FICTION ! ▶ 13 What about resilience, service levels and call quality?
  14. 14. FICTION ! ▶ 14 How about functionality – can flexibility be guaranteed?
  15. 15. FICTION ! ▶ 15 We will lose control to the cloud supplier and be unable to customise?
  16. 16. FICTION ! ▶ 16 Costs will get out of control – once in you are trapped
  17. 17. FICTION ! ▶ 17 I wont be able to integrate with existing systems
  18. 18. FICTION ! ▶ 18 And the big one – SECURITY !
  19. 19. FACT ! ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ 19 Fact Choice is yours Not all clouds are created equal Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud (Connect)
  20. 20. Summary ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ 20 Keep existing telephony equipment Flexibility and Scalability Control over Administration and Customisation Integration for improved business processes Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Easy and cost efficient to add new channels
  21. 21. The truth about social media for business BOBBY ABEDEEN, INTELECOM
  22. 22. Social Media: Don’t Be A Scaredy Cat!!!
  23. 23. Your Customer Engagement Centre Social Media is not just about reputation management: Find out what customers are saying about your products and services and act quickly for competitive advantage awareness leading to Enables * increased ability to ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Monitor Feedback Promote Immediacy Knowledge Respond: Clarify, defend, justify, serve Create a *Living Customer Experience Low cost
  24. 24. Customer Service 2.0 > 3.0 > ??? • • • • Pro-active Communities Leverage Personalise • On the Web • Informed • Real-Time * The Experience http://socialme lexkonanykhin/ 562922/newcustomerservice-30
  25. 25. *My Customer Experience
  26. 26. The Valentine’s Day Massacre
  27. 27. “Let Them Eat (cheese)Cake”
  28. 28. Connect With Different Audiences ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Personal, Customer Service, Customers, Immediate, Brand, Feedback Personal, Customer Service, Forum, Brand, Product/ Service Detail, Feedback Corporate, Groups, Connections, Companies, PR, News, Thought leadership, Brand PR, Viral, Blogs, Announcements *The Customer Journey
  29. 29. Actions You Can Take Today ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ Type your organisation’s name/ key personnel into Google, twitter and facebook - review results Create a SM strategy aligned with your business Set up a presence on the key SM platforms Monitor customer feedback and comments Act quickly to respond to both negative and constructive feedback Proactively interact with prospects and customers Don’t just leave it to Marketing! Select key stakeholders to manage different areas of engagement Use technology to help you manage the “noise” 29 The Future of Contact Centres Embrace ▶ Empower ▶ Engage ▶ Enthuse = Experience ▶
  30. 30. Delighted Customers Are Your Best Marketing (…angry customers too!)
  31. 31. Customer Experience And The Future Of The Contact Centre Jim Davies 5th December 2013 © 2013 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. This publication may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without Gartner's prior written permission. If you are authorized to access this publication, your use of it is subject to the Usage Guidelines for Gartner Services posted on The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Gartner disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information and shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in such information. This publication consists of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. Although Gartner research may include a discussion of related legal issues, Gartner does not provide legal advice or services and its research should not be construed or used as such. Gartner is a public company, and its shareholders may include firms and funds that have financial interests in entities covered in Gartner research. Gartner's Board of Directors may include senior managers of these firms or funds. Gartner research is produced independently by its research organization without input or influence from these firms, funds or their managers. For further information on the independence and integrity of Gartner research, see "Guiding Principles on Independence and Objectivity."
  32. 32. The Rate of Change Is About To Accelerate Mobile Big data/Analytics SaaS Video Social
  33. 33. As the World Goes Mobile Customer Service Must Follow
  34. 34. As the World Goes Social Customer Service Has to Get More Personal We cant keep our customer’s at arms length any more
  35. 35. Customers Care More About The Customer Experience Than In The Past They expect more from you They trust you less than ever before They will churn more willingly after a bad experience They will voice their negative experiences to the world BUT they will pay more for a better experience
  36. 36. 2014 CRM Pre-Conference Survey: 2014 Objectives
  37. 37. 2014 CRM Pre-Conference Survey: 2014 Topics of Interest
  38. 38. The Contact Center is Often the Primary Influencer of the Customer Experience Increasing the pressure on contact center managers and fuelling a fresh approach to engaging customers
  39. 39. "Unlike most websites … Zappos prominently displays a tollfree customer-service phone number. There are no limits on call times, and the resulting sessions occasionally resemble protracted talk therapy. On July 5 [2009], a 22-year-old Customer Loyalty Team member named Britnee Brown, who has been with the company for a little more than a year, took a call that was a record 5 hours, 25 minutes, and 31 seconds long, from a woman on the East Coast interested in Masai Barefoot Technology shoes." Source: The New Yorker
  40. 40. Peer-to-Peer Support: Giffgaff 100% of customer support is provided by the customer community. During July, members received a response to their questions within three minutes on average. A total of 96% of all questions were answered within an hour.
  41. 41. 7 Deadly Sins Lowering The Caller’s Experience 1. IVR Flow Relevance and Speech Recognition Accuracy 2. Wait Time 3. Agent Knowledge and Attitude 4. Channels Supported 5. Cross Channel Consistency 6. Cross Channel Interaction Information 7. Identification Duplication Inbound Call IVR Miracle
  42. 42. So Where Do We Start? What Should Our Future Contact Centre Look like? Start by aligning with Customer Experience Management Before During After It can drive competitive differentiation but is difficult to excel at and most organizations fail at the basics.
  43. 43. Setting Expectations: Competing With Word of Mouth and Past Experience Word-of-Mouth Personal Needs Past Experience Expected Service Gap 5 Perceived Service Customer Provider Gap 1 Service Delivery Gap 3 Service Quality Specifications Source: Delivering Service Quality Zeithaml, V.A., Parasuraman, A, & Berry, L. 1990 Gap 2 Management Perception of Customer Expectations Gap 4 External Communication To Customers Gap 1: Customer expectations vs. management's perception of customer expectations = not knowing what customers expect Gap 2: Management perceptions vs. service specifications = the wrong quality standards Gap 3: Service specifications vs. service delivery = not being able to deliver to specs. Gap 4: Service delivery vs. external communications = when promises do not match delivery Gap 5: Difference between customer expectations and customer perception of the provided service = level of customer satisfaction
  44. 44. Proactive Service Communication – Setting Expectations Customers want personal, relevant and timely information. If you don't give it to them they'll call and ask for it or complain afterwards: “Your account is about to go overdrawn” “Your order will be delivered between 2 and 5pm tomorrow” Information is being provided to customers to allow them to reset their expectations make informed decisions:
  45. 45. Contact Centres 2020?
  46. 46. No! Channel Consumption Forecast: 2020s 2020's 2010s 2010's Phone Non Phone 2000s 2000's 1990s 1990's 0% 20% 40% Source: Dimension Data's Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, 2011 60% 80% 100%
  47. 47. BUT Channel Explosion Cannot Be Avoided The Three Axis of Success • Channel Availability Picking the right channel mix for your customer base • Channel Consistency 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Corporate Knowledge Agent Knowledge Partner Knowledge Social Knowledge Community Knowledge • Channel Visibility Providing a view of the historical interaction when escalate to agent Assisted Channels Web Chat Email Response Management System Collaborative Browsing Video Chat Social Customer Service Peer-to-peer Communities Unassisted Channels Knowledgebase for Self-service Email Response Management System Virtual Assistants "How to" and Smart Video Customer Service SMS and Multimodal Services IVR Mobile
  48. 48. The Journey From Customer Service Contact Centre to Customer Engagement Centre 2013 • Phone • Email • Chat • Social Community Support • Web Self Service Tools • Knowledge bases • Case Management • Business Rule Engine • Reel time interaction analytics • Influence/Gamification • Workforce Optimization • Social Community Support • Social Media Engagement 2020 • Customer Engagement Centre “During the next five years, 25% of leading companies will extend their customer service contact centre goals to support social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as online community activities – up from 2% in 2013” Call Centre Contact Centre Engagement Centre
  49. 49. Social Media Engagement for Customer Service How it works: • • • • • • • • • Agent based Contact centre like Data feeds Assignment Prioritization Case histories CRM integration CEC integration Supporting more than just social
  50. 50. Personalization FAIL! The danger of repetition
  51. 51. Enterprise Social Networks for Customer Service How it works: • • • • • • • • Real time Mass collaboration Linear Historical Independent ESNs Tag to case records View within cases Supporting more than just social
  52. 52. Peer-to-peer Communities How it works: • • • • • • • Peer support 1, 9, 90 or 2, 23, 75 Hosting Components CEC integration CRM integration Supporting more than just social
  53. 53. Mobile Engagement Will Dominate Future Support Interaction Volumes
  54. 54. Caution: What Type Of Mobile Users Are Your Customers? What Do They Expect? Involvement Innovators Professional achievers 10 % Aspirers 18% Young funseekers 8% Techno stragglers Worker bees Comfortable conformists Late Adopters Traditionalists 18% Tech savants Basic survivors Early Adopters Percentages show the proportion of the total mobile user population included in each category
  55. 55. Match The Channel To The Demographic Not Everyone Needs An App Which of the following devices have you personally used during the past 3 months for online activities such as checking a bank balance, initiating a bank transfer, buying goods or services via a web site? 100% 80% Gartner global consumer surveys 2013 60% Traditionalists 40% Basic survivors 20% Techno stragglers Comfortable conformists 0% Desktop / laptop Smartphone Standard mobile phone Worker bees Tablet Professional achievers Young funseekers Tech. savants Aspirers
  56. 56. Mobile Live Video Chat Customers appreciate the more personalized experience But consider agent aesthetics and the background environment
  57. 57. Live Video Chat and “How-to” Recorded Video Combined • Thomas Pink used video to convert prospects into buyers: – Expert guides, tips and tricks: • How to tie a bow tie, how to tie a Windsor knot – 360° views of product – Video campaigns aligned with the current collection (e.g., fall, summer) • Creates a greater feeling of brand intimacy via an impression of being "in the know" about the brand How would you explain over the phone (or via chat) how to tie a bow tie?
  58. 58. The Virtual Assistant User Interface (UI) • Human emulation that delivers full-service customer strategies • Expression of your brand • High-quality animated graphics • Corporate persona • Custom personalities • Simplifying complexity and driving resolution through conversation
  59. 59. Adopt a Balanced Approach Moving Forward Customer Service Technology Matrix Productivity Achieving ROI Easier Moderate Challenging Customer Experience
  60. 60. Number of Staff Prevent "Human Disasters" Without Stifling Excellence Minimize Impact of Technology Maximize via Technology Dismay Employee Impact on Customer Experience Delight
  61. 61. Get the Basics Right: Prioritize CEM Projects Based on Their Impact One-Dimensional Customer Satisfied Attractive Product Dysfunctional Product Fully Functional Must-Be Customer Dissatisfied Focus on the “must be” functionality first
  62. 62. But What About the Squidgy Bit in the Middle? Contact Center Infrastructure $20b • Right Customer Information • Right Customer Systems • Right Customer Metrics Image Source: CRM Applications $14b • Right Personal Information • Right Personal Systems • Right Personal Metrics
  63. 63. Gamification: Strategy and technology for existing “free pizza” mindset Research
  64. 64. Listen to the Voice of the Customer if You Want to Improve the Service Experience Direct Indirect Inferred Collect Store Relate Analyse Topic Image Source: Customer Appropriate Actions!
  65. 65. Direct Feedback: Event-Driven Customer event triggers survey Questions personalized to event • IVR, Email and now SMS is becoming a popular channel • Net Promoter is a good indicator of advocacy but beware “MoT” • Limit to 3 questions Response can trigger workflow
  66. 66. Personal, Timely and Engaging: A Personal Case Study "Dear Jim, You rang yesterday and spoke with Gary about booking a flight to Boston. Would you mind answering a few questions about your experience?" Low score triggers "Dissatisfaction Alert" e-mail to manager "We noticed you didn't book a hotel as well, do you still need one and would you book it with us?" "Yes" triggers outbound call RESULTS: 35% Response Rate — up from 5% (previous quarterly surveying) 32% "Warm Lead" Conversion Rate — pays for ongoing use of survey platform enterprisewide!
  67. 67. Indirect Feedback: Through the Insight Contained Within Call Recordings E E Elevated Emotion (agent or customer) Marketing Campaign Competitor Mention Script Adherence Issue QM Business Goal Ad Hoc Analysis Optimizing the agent evaluation process through call classification and intelligent selection. Also enables semi-automated form population. Configuring to help organization achieve specific business targets such as CSAT, churn reduction, revenue growth, and so on. Helps build business case. Detecting new trends/issues through ongoing analysis and embarking on one-off projects based on departmental requests.
  68. 68. Inferred Feedback — Ascertaining What Your Customers Would Say if You Asked Them Inputs/Logs Email Logs Cookie Logs Web Server Logs IVR Logs Speech Engine Logs CSAT Logs CRM Logs Segmentation Data Churn Data Routing IVR Web CTI Server Logs Routing Tables Live Agent HowCan W e Help You? A ENTICA UTH TION SS# O Account # R • All interaction channels relevant • Usually already collecting for operational reasons PIN Invalid BirthDate A O T A CESS CC UN C TECH ICA H N L ELP • Normally data siloed FA ’s Q • Focus on linkages Faster, More Enjoyable Experience Improved Completion Rates More Accurate Routing Insight Into Call Drivers Protracted cross-channel experience lowering satisfaction Poor routing results in wrong agent handling and system unfamiliarity • Channel-specific insights • Cross-channel insights
  69. 69. Concluding Thoughts • The digital era is upon us. Start developing a customer engagement centre (CEC) strategy that embraces web, video, social and mobile. • Think about all three phases of customer experience management (CEM) - before, during and after. Invest in each equally. • Stop recruiting agent trolls – they will become the face of your company (literally). Empower agents to ensure future success
  70. 70. About Intelecom With over 15 years' experience, Intelecom was one of the first to develop a cloud contact centre solution. Highly flexible and scalable Intelecom's contact centre solutions can be adapted to accommodate one to several thousand concurrent agents using any device, in any location and integrates with multiple applications seamlessly. Connect from Intelecom is a complete, multichannel cloud contact centre solution. Its rich functionality is available in modular form which means you can switch-on new functionality when you need it and off when you don’t. Connect is one of the few contact centre solutions that is completely multichannel. Connect agents can respond to phone, email, Chat, Social Media and SMS enquiries all within the one application. This ability to build bespoke contact centre solutions is unique to Intelecom Connect, flexible and highly scalable Connect is future proof technology that will continue to meet your business demands. Today Intelecom provides contact centre services to over 900 organisations in over 40 countries. 70 12.12.2013 Intelecom Footer
  71. 71. Intelecom Connect The solution: Intelecom Connect is a cloud-based contact center and switchboard solution which delivers all the functionality the modern contact center need. Trends and Market drivers: The Facts: Focus on customer experience • In today’s market customer interaction gets more and more important. Delivering a consistently satisfying customer experience is the new competitive battleground. 15 years experience in Cloud Based Services Focus on agility and flexibility • High demand for scalable pay-as-you go financial models. • High demand for integration to both internal and external systems. Advanced and well proven Contact Center and Switchboard functionality Mobility and Social Business • Customer demand of service is rapidly changing, driven by the growth of mobility and social media. 71 12.12.2013 900 customers, and users in 40 countries Connect is a true, multi-tenant cloud solution Highly flexible solution, customizable for each individual customer Highly secure and reliable solution
  72. 72. Contact Us ▶ Telephone: 08450 803 070 ▶ Email: ▶ Web: ▶ Address: 2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP 72 12.12.2013 Intelecom Footer
  73. 73. Thank you for your attention