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George Braswell Assembly Department


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George Braswell's Assembly Department at Command Tech can assemble machined parts into larger components.

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George Braswell Assembly Department

  1. 1. Command Technology, Inc. Phone: 410-360-2920
  2. 2. Assemblyn Assembly is the process of taking separate machined parts and joining them together into a new component or completed part.
  3. 3. Assembly Department
  4. 4. Stepsn Parts are first machined by the CNC department.n Next parts are deburred and cleaned.n Some parts receive a special finish prior to assembly.n The multiple parts are then assembled together.n Some parts receive a special finish after assembly.
  5. 5. Helicoilsn Many parts have helicoils installed by assembly prior to the smaller assemblies being joined for a larger assembly.
  6. 6. Markingn The assembly department also performs marking.n This includes a part number and dash number, rev (revision) and manufacturers number.
  7. 7. Assembly Departmentn The assembly department uses different tools to install helicoils.n They also make use of a press, hand tools and files as needed.
  8. 8. Assembly Department Employeesn Employees must be properly trained to read blueprints, specs and marking procedures.n They must be able to make sure that all components are included in the final assembly.
  9. 9. Assembly Department
  10. 10. Assembly Department
  11. 11. Assembly Department
  12. 12. Assembly Department
  13. 13. Assembly Department
  14. 14. George Braswell, President
  15. 15. Command Technology, Inc. 7604 Energy Pkwy. Curtis Bay, MD 21226 Phone: 410-360-2920