Workload Performance Series Executive Overview


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Workload Performance Series software is a comprehensive, integrated suite of modules that looks at virtually every aspect of your IBMi (AS/400) system\'s application processing environment to diagnose and eliminate processing bottlenecks while avoiding unnecessary hardware upgrades.

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Workload Performance Series Executive Overview

  1. 1. WORKLOAD PERFORMANCE SERIES The fast, easy way to optimize the performance of your application software with pinpoint accuracy. The Workload Performance Series suite of products The Comprehensive Tool optimizes the performance of application software Set That Benefits Everyone throughout your entire system. Automated, comprehensive and easy to install Get more from your BUDGET Focus the energies of your staff on and use, Workload Performance Series saves fixing root−cause performance issues money, increases productivity and improves quality rather than just visible symptoms. throughout your organization like never before. Get customized top−line views of your system's performance issues. Save critical IT resources to improve your organization's bottom line and increase customer satisfaction. Get more from your STAFF Accurately monitor and measure ongoing system performance issues. Automatically receive alert notifications based on predefined thresholds. Use a top−down approach to identify and resolve critical system−management issues. Get more from your APPLICATIONS Easily fine−tune existing applications for maximum performance issues. Optimize new applications in development to ensure superior performance. Improve the quality and responsiveness of applications for end users.
  2. 2. WORKLOAD PERFORMANCE SERIES PINPOINT CRITICAL ISSUES MODULE DESCRIPTIONS DISCOVER when issues occur 1 System Navigator. Analyze high−level, system−wide resource trends impeding performance and identify usage spikes to determine related bottlenecks. Monitor and receive alerts based on user−definable thresholds. 2 Workload Navigator. Monitor and analyze system performance issues relating to specific processes and gather related historical data. Then use this data to identify the specific processes responsible for those issues. 3 Query Optimizer. Analyze system−wide and process− specific SQL requests to find ways to improve database performance. You can easily optimize existing indexes, LEARN where issues exist and limit table scans and access path rebuilds. 4 Application Optimizer. Analyze, profile and optimize application source code and operating system functions to correct existing processing bottlenecks and avoid perpetuating new ones. 5 Journal Optimizer. Reduce unnecessary journal transactions and address data integrity, high availability, disk usage and disaster recovery issues. You'll improve system performance and avoid hardware upgrade costs. 6 Disk Navigator. Find ways to greatly reduce disk drive FOCUS on root causes activity by monitoring and analyzing disk storage use and capacity. Automatically track integrated file systems, independent ASPs and temporary storage spikes. 7 Spool Navigator. Monitor, analyze and improve system performance by minimizing the impact of printed and stored reports including unnecessary logging for all jobs, not just those that terminate abnormally. SOLVE the right problems To see all the benefits Workload Performance Series software can bring to your specific environment, register for a complimentary application performance review...unlike any "demo" you've ever seen. Visit www.mb− or call (315) 635−5880 for more information. 3105 Cold Springs Road., Baldwinsville, NY 13027 USA (315) 635−5880 www.mb− System Requirements About, Inc. focuses on cross−platform Workload Performance Series software runs on currently supported operating systems including i5/OS, OS/400, AIX, Windows and Linux. applications using the internet to instantly TCP/IP access to www.mb− from your server is required connect end users with applications and data from anywhere to for software installation and updates. anywhere. Written in C, our technology runs natively on supported platforms without third−party software or middleware. Visit for more information. 2004 MB Software & Consulting, Inc. All right reserved. Workload Performance Series is a trademark of MB Software & Consulting, Inc. is a trademark and the finger−snap mark and "...the way IT should be" are service marks of, Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies and are acknowledged.