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2015Media kit-E


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2015Media kit-E

  1. 1. Media Kit 2015 Multi-channel user acquisition and monetization The Leading Mobile Performance Marketing Platform San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin
  2. 2. Company Introduction Multiple Marketing Solutions / Global Coverage / Range of Verticals YeahMobi helps apps, mobile games and E-businesses stretch their reach and acquire new users. Our marketing technology supports analytics and operations in our vast performance network, programmatic advertising platform and social media and search engine marketing solutions. We also help app developers monetize traffic with seamlessly integrated native ads. > 147 billion ad impression per month and counting > 1.5 billion clicks per month > 19 million downloads per month Founded in 2011, we are the main brand of NDP Media Corp, with offices in China, US, Japan and Germany. YeahMobi partners with many companies worldwide, achieving excellent global coverage. San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin
  3. 3. We offer various marketing solutions to help advertisers get the most of the mobile internet. Services include our performance network, native ads in popular apps, programmatic user acquisition and retargeting, social media marketing campaigns and search engine marketing. When working with clients we: •Negotiate with clients, plan and determine the best marketing solution for their product •Test to see what works •Optimize and develop marketing strategies to get you more users •Help you further optimize to improve the quality of users •Offer monetizing solutions What We Do San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin AdvertisersOptimization Strategies Campaign Testing Advertising Needs Assessment Monetization Service Better LTV More users
  4. 4. Performance Marketing Network Advertise Our performance marketing network connects you to superior publishers and expert marketing assistants. Our global services can help market utility apps, mobile games and international m-commerce, and we work with most verticals. We have helped 500+ advertisers gain more users with: San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin Vast reach 140 bn >15 mil 1.3 bn mobile ad impression per month gigantic volume of downloads per month clicks per month Global network Publishers and Affiliates based all over the world, and offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. Low-risk strategies Based on CPA payment models – only pay for the action that gets you the results you want. Real-time tracking and optimization In-house tracking tool that helps us analyze data and optimize ad campaigns precisely and rapidly.
  5. 5. San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin Native Ads Advertise “There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements.” – David Ogilvy, Father of Advertising Native ad solutions offer better integration for your ads and better results. Get you product directly in front of your users and better engagement metric: Deep engagement with average 45 seconds per interaction. 50% higher purchase intent from users. 220% improved response rates (CTR). Native ads can get 5-20 higher click-through rates than traditional mobile ads. Campaign optimization based on region and app type so you can focus on your targeted users. Native Ads System Advertisers Advertisers Advertisers Desktop Software Input Format System Cleanup BrowserRange of ad formats that create excellent user response: Ad walls, icon ads, interstitials and, banner ads .
  6. 6. Programmatic Advertising and Retargeting Advertise Programmatic can offer huge returns for user acquisition and m-commerce. YeahMobi’s in-house DSP can help advertisers control and optimize ad campaigns as well as get the best ad placement prices with programmatic buying. Find new users for your products, and use our technology platform to retarget existing users to increase revenue: San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin The best ad exchanges Integrated with Smaato, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Mopub and Nexage. Real-time ad placements Intelligent algorithms – target the best demographic for your product. Behavioral tracking models Re-engage users and get the most of your users’LTV. Range of tracking models 5 types of behavioral tracking models. Flexible pricing with CPM, CPC, CPI, CPS models Models suited to brand development and awareness and ROI and sales- driven precise marketing. Easy-to-use interface It is easy to integrate our system and we will be there to help. Advertisers Users Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  7. 7. San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin www.yeahmobi.comSocial Media Advertising Advertise Make the most of some of the world’s biggest social networks to acquire new users. Boost your app across a variety of regions Facebook, Twitter and an official partner of Vkontakte - boost your app across a variety of regions. In-house campaign management system YeahMobi’s system uses smart analytics for optimization. Increase downloads and installs by up to 10x standard network marketing. Professional creative team Trained staff with years of experience. Dedicated optimization for the image of your campaigns. Invest in results CPA and CPI are our main campaign payment methods. Invest in campaigns and pay only for the results you seek.
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing Advertise Make it easier for your users to find you: San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin We work with Google and Yandex to get your products more exposure. We optimize ad impressions on search engines to help make your campaigns successful by increasing ROI. We offer CPA payment methods so you only pay for the campaigns that give you the results you want. Digital tracking and anti-fraud technology that helps you prevent fraudulent clicks and reduces risks and losses. CPA Conversion rate Product Analysis Media Planning AdvertisersCreative DesignOptimization Test
  9. 9. Monetize Many app developers aim to invest in advertisement and bring in revenue through monetization. Here is a look at our exciting monetization options for app developers: App Developers Our Native Ad formats are easy to integrate and link you to a vast store of ads, ideally suited to your app’s style: Icon Ads / Ad Wall / Banner Ads / Interstitial Ads / Video Ads Use your app to place Icon Ads ona user’s home screen. Icons areseamlessly integrated as part of the user interface. Icons Ads Integrate an app bar into your app, with a drop down tab that leads to more ads and offers. Ad Wall
  10. 10. Place ads at crucial moments for users. Interstitials can appear during loading screens and keep users engaged when they might otherwise switch off. Interstitial Ads Work with our design team to create banners that match the style of your app, are easy on the eye and offer users precisely selected content. Banner Ads
  11. 11. For more information about monetization and integrating with our native ads contact us at We can also provide a specific native ads media kit. Find out more
  12. 12. San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin Clients & Partners Clients Partners
  13. 13. Get in touch! One Market St., Spear Tower, #3508, San Francisco, CA 94105 @YeahMobi @YeahMobiInc @YeahMobi YeahMobiin San Francisco | Tokyo | Shanghai | Berlin