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Ntl summit tsg presentation 2 3 2016


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NTL Summit Presentation

Published in: Marketing
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Ntl summit tsg presentation 2 3 2016

  1. 1. Adam Warren CEO, The Sentinel Group
  2. 2. Adam Warren Co-Founder, CEO The Sentinel Group® *Advertising Executive with more than 18 Years of Industry Experience *Company Drove 700,000+ Legal Offer Calls in 2015 *DRMA Nominee for 2012 Member of the Year *Frequent Speaker at NTL Summit, MTMP, And Other Key Industry Events *Published Several Times in Response Magazine & Blog Contributor to
  3. 3. • Media • Intake • Marketing Team • Technology
  4. 4. • TV, Radio, Print, Digital • Direct Response- Call To Action • Performance • Cash Buy
  5. 5. • TV, Radio, Print, Digital
  6. 6. • Direct Response- Call To Action
  7. 7. • Performance
  8. 8. • Cash Buy
  9. 9. 24/7/365 Bilingual Legal Intake
  10. 10. Client Contract Completion
  11. 11. Medical Record Collection
  12. 12. Option for No Up-Front Payment
  13. 13. • Performance driven and traditional cash buying advertising on National TV, radio, print, Web, Mobile, and Digital • The Sentinel Group® is the Legal Marketing Division of OpenJar Concepts® • Proprietary tracking software system TrafTrack® • Other legal brands The Sentinel Group has created include: OpenJar Concepts®, Inc. u Performance Driven and Tradi onal Cash Buying Adver sing on Na onal TV, Radio, Print, Web, Mobile, Digital u Over 700,000 calls driven to a orney partners in 2014 u The Sen nel Group® is the OpenJar Concepts® Brand for Legal Marke ng u Proprietary Tracking So ware System Tra rack ® u Other Legal Brands That OpenJar Concepts Has Created Include: Information Contained Herein Is Considered Private & Confidential ®
  14. 14. Powerful real time reporting tools give user clear information on call activity, caller information, and campaign status Optimization tools provide intake highest call quality possible Maximize ROI of campaigns to allow media to drive maximum call volume and quality Simple, clear user interface
  15. 15. • Trucking Accidents • Personal Injury • Nursing Home Abuse • Mass Tort • Brain Injury • Workplace (Sexual Harassment / Discrimination, Wage & Hour)
  16. 16. Adam Warren CEO, The Sentinel Group