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Pit Stop Cyclist & Bike Tube Vending Machine


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All 4 cycling pit stops are Australia’s very first vending machines for cyclists & bike tube. We assist cyclists when unexpected problems get in the way.

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Pit Stop Cyclist & Bike Tube Vending Machine

  1. 1. A vending machine is a machine which dispenses items such as bike accessories, snacks, consumer products to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine. The Bike Tube vending machines will sell things like tubes, lights, co2, patch kits, various tools and parts.
  2. 2. Our self-serve vending machines sell bike parts around the clock. The goal is to help cyclists who might be riding late at night who are far from bike shops. The machine sells locks, tubes, tools, seasonal items, ponchos and patch kits, but also food and drinks for hungry and thirsty travelers.
  3. 3. A tube vending machine operates 24 hours, seven days per week. Vending machines take up very minimum space and include a free air pump and repair stand. A metal repair stand to hold your bike off the ground and free tools form part of our unique self-serve concept.
  4. 4. Australia’s first vending machine for cycle repairs and accessories, vending the essentials such as tyres, tubes, lights, batteries, chains, patch kits and gloves as well as exclusive novelty cycling accessories. We stock quality brands that you can trust. Introducing Australia’s first all4cycling pit stops!
  5. 5. Our pit stop range includes The Standard and The Outsider. Vending machines accept credit card, cash and coin payment options. With the Sensate guarantee system, the product is dispensed or money is refunded. The GPRS remote monitoring system with logon allows you to monitor product and sales performance at any time.
  6. 6. The Standard pit stop is ideal for indoor locations. The Outsider, with heavy gauge steel lock cover and triple plane glass is ideal for outdoor locations. Both have graffiti resistant coatings. all4cycling will work with you personally to determine the best pit stop type for your location.
  7. 7. Address :Melbourne Central, Near BoostJuice, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Phone Number : 1300 429 254 Email : Website :