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Infographic: Divorce Stats in the U.S.


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Infographic: Divorce Stats in the U.S.

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Infographic: Divorce Stats in the U.S.

  1. 1. HappilyEverAfter? Anestimated41%ofrsttimemarriagesin theUnitedStatesendindivorce. IntheUnitedStates,anestimated60%of secondtimemarriagesendindivorce. DuringdivorcecourtintheU.S.,79.6% ofcustodialmothersreceiveasupport awardincludedinthesettlement. IntheUnitedStates,childsupportistypically garnishedfromwages.Typicallyanestimated20% ofthetotalyearlywagesaregarnishedforchild supportfees. Anestimated17.4%ofcustodialparents intheUnitedStatesaresinglefathers. LawOfficeofGeorgeJ.Skuros (312)884-1222