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  1. 1. Excellence in holography © 2013 Holoptica, LLC Innovative Fully Customizable Low Cost High Security Paper
  2. 2. 9/26/2016Footer Text 2 About us Holoptica, LLC is a consolidation of leaders in the Brand Protection and Anti - Counterfeiting segments. . Products: • Security holograms and hot stamping foils • Holographic HRI laminate overlay • Security inks, paper and foils containing Micro Particles • Holographic security tapes • Security “Track and Trace” asset marking systems • Security Printing • Brand Protection and Recognition • Inventory Management and Anti-Tampering Seals • Government Document Authentication • Secured Paper and Financial Institution Products © 2013 Holoptica, LLC
  3. 3. 9/26/2016Footer Text 3© 2013 Holoptica, LLC • Patent pending product • Loaded with security features • Comparable and to white CBS standard paper • Counterfeit, photo copy and scan proof • Flexible features design • Fully customizable even for low volumes • Much lower cost What is Fully Customizable High Security Paper
  4. 4. 9/26/2016Footer Text 4© 2013 Holoptica, LLC • Artificial custom or generic watermark in wallpaper style or in perfect register on both sides of the page. See the watermark by conventional means and also with a black light • Custom or generic design coin reactive feature • Chemical reactive - acetone and bleach • Chemical reactive – test the paper with a special marker. A pink trace will appear. Erase it with special eraser. This marker and eraser does not work on any other paper. • Custom (any design and placement) or generic UV feature – verify by use of a black light Fully Customizable Covert Features Page 1
  5. 5. 9/26/2016Footer Text 5© 2013 Holoptica, LLC Fully Customizable Covert Features Page 2 • EXCLUSIVE and PROPRETARY - the full area of the paper contains custom or generic, invisible micro text or micro graphics (or combination of both). It is only revealed by a special and relatively low cost lens • EXCLUSIVE and PROPRETARY – write your signature on to the paper with any water based ink. With use of the same lens, the invisible micro text or micro graphics (or combination of both) are seen through the signature lines
  6. 6. 9/26/2016Footer Text 6© 2013 Holoptica, LLC Fully Customizable Optional Features • High security holographic images with our patented features – stripes, partches, thread, planchettes • True DNA Mark – paper contains copy of any real DNA in synthetic form. The DNA is made in our lab • Variety of embedded security fibers • Variety of embedded security holographic microdots • Full online authentication via our SMARTDoc mobile device verification system CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS
  7. 7. 9/26/2016Footer Text 7 • Fully custom design or generic security paper not available anywhere else • Same as white CBS 95 GSM paper, but unsurpassed anti-counterfeit protection • Available also as standard white copy paper 70 – 220 GSM • Printable on flexo, offset, litho, intaglio, screen, inkjet, thermos and laser printers – we can also print it for you!! • Instant, real-time mobile device authentication (optional) • Also available in range of blank pre-cut security labels on rolls or sheets • Photocopied or scanned? Sure, but ALL of the features will be lost!! • Made in fully secured facilities in Mexico, US, UK, India and Australia © 2013 Holoptica, LLC Advantages Use?? Any security document from your letter head to high security cheques, visas and passports
  8. 8. 9/26/2016Footer Text 8 425 Old County Road, suite A & B, Belmont, CA 94002, USA Phone: US +1-650-350-8279 UK +44 (0) 7415 260 006 AUS 1300 664 101 Paraguay + 595-21 497 620 Mexico +52 1 55 6784 2763 USA: Australia: United Kingdom: Excellence in holography © 2013 Holoptica, LLC