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VLOOKUP Culture: Lingo for Aspiring Analysts


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Every group has its own lingo... Excel geeks are no different. In this presentation, I discuss how analysts think about Excel, and how communicating this differently to different groups can make you a more sought-after analysts.

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VLOOKUP Culture: Lingo for Aspiring Analysts

  1. 1. Every group has its own lingo... including Excel geeks.
  2. 2. I call the keywords, language, and attitude of analysts toward Excel…
  3. 3. VLOOKUP culture.
  4. 4. VLOOKUP Culture is how good analysts think about and use data, specifically within Excel.
  5. 5. Learn the language and become a better, more sought-after analyst.
  6. 6. The language may change a bit depending on your audience.
  7. 7. With the recruiter, it’s all about keywords.
  8. 8. Recruiters are digging through hundreds of resumes, using search engines to find the best resume.
  9. 9. Include some of the following to be found: • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft Office • Business Analytics • Data analysis
  10. 10. With the hiring manager, emphasize accuracy
  11. 11. It’s your job to make your boss look good.
  12. 12. Nothing looks worse than reporting the wrong numbers. Actually 2.00…sorry boss!
  13. 13. Emphasize efficiency with coworkers.
  14. 14. Your coworkers are on a tight schedule.
  15. 15. They don’t want to spend all their time teaching you Excel
  16. 16. or cleaning up your messes.
  17. 17. So… how to get better at this? How to join the VLOOKUP Culture?
  18. 18. Easy… sign up for updates at!
  19. 19. You will receive my ebook, free, for subscribing.
  20. 20. From one Excel nerd to the next, thanks for viewing.
  21. 21. Resources • • LinkedIn Group: Hired with Excel • Course coming! "Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know"