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Ear reflexology self-massage


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Ten ways to massage your ears to health

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Ear reflexology self-massage

  1. 1. Ear ReflexologyEar MassageSelf applied
  2. 2. EAR REFLEXOLOGYBy massaging the different parts of the ear withthe fingers we will stimulate the reflex pointconnected to different body parts. OrientalMedicine is based on the circulation ofelectro-magnetic (E.M.) energycalled Chi (Qi)
  3. 3. How it WorksThese vessels are called meridians, pathwaysof E.M. energy. These meridians connectdirectly to the Ear like telephone lines.Imagine the ear is a satellite dish and theAcu-points are like television sets connectedto separate programming feeding from thedifferent body parts.
  4. 4. Ear ReflexologyThere areten partstoEAR ReflexologySELF MASSAGE
  5. 5. Anti-HelixCymba conchaTriangular FossaAnti-TragusTragusEar ReflexologyThe ear is divided into ten regionsThe LobeCavum conchaCymba conchaTriangular FossaHelix & Scaphoid FossaAnti-Helix& Anti-TragusTragusBack of Ear
  6. 6. Basic MethodNumber one isMassage the whole earRub hands together briskly and coverears and hold for 15 seconds. Again rubhands together briskly and then bendear forward and cover the bent ear for15 seconds.
  7. 7. Number twoMassagethe EarLobeCorresponds tohead & face
  8. 8. Ear Lobe MassageYou will pinch and pullthe ear lobe from theinside to the outside withthe thumb and indexfinger for 3-5 minutesmorning and evening.This is great forheadaches, dizziness,eye problems, and toprevent the commoncold. Obviously whenthe ear lobe is inflameddo not massage.
  9. 9. #3-Massage Cavum ConchaCorresponds to heart & lungsPress indexPress indexfinger into bothfinger into bothears and rotateears and rotate100 circles100 circlesclockwiseclockwise3X / day3X / day
  10. 10. # 4 - Massage Cymba Concha Corresponds toabdominalcavity-stomach,large intestines,small intestine,bladder, kidney,liver. Press index fingerinto both ears andrub back and forth100 times- 3X / day
  11. 11. #5 - Massage Triangular Fossa Press index fingerinto both ears androtate 100 circlesclockwise 3X/ dayTreats uterus, prostate, impotence, insomniaTreats uterus, prostate, impotence, insomnia
  12. 12. Number six MassageHelix and Scaphoid Fossa
  13. 13. Massage Helixinvigorate brain functionimprove hearing & visionpreventing impotence andfrequent night urinationhemorrhoids, diarrhealumbo-sacral paindizziness and headache
  14. 14. With thumb on backand forefinger onfront grab Helix andScaphoid Fossa andrub up and downthirty times or untilear becomes warm.Scaphoid Fossa
  15. 15. #7 Massage Anti-Helixcorresponds to trunk/torsoThen place the thumbjust above Anti-traguswith index finger on theback of the ear and rubup Anti-helix to thetriangular fossa30 times
  16. 16. #8 - Massage Anti-TragusCorresponds to Brain & head Increase Metabolicfunction, function ofcerebral cortex andcardiovascular function
  17. 17. #9 - Massage Tragus Treats cough,cold, runnynose,headache,dizziness,laryngitis,asthma, chestpalpitationsPinch flap of TragusPinch flap of Traguswith thumb behind andwith thumb behind andbent forefinger in frontbent forefinger in frontand pull up and downand pull up and down30 times30 times
  18. 18. #10 – Massage Back of EarMassage up theback of ear withthumb 10- 30 x
  19. 19. First pinch and pull the Anti-tragus withthe thumb and index finger 30 times.Inside Anti-Tragus
  20. 20. EAR REFLEXOLOGY isEar Acu-point PressureEar Reflexology with finger tips is one ofpreferred methods. Using the index finger tolocate tender points or pre-selected pointspress in a clockwise motion gradually harderand harder until a sensation of heat ordiscomfort.
  21. 21. Fingernail AlternativeAlternative method using thumbnail on acu-point on front of ear and index fingernail onback of ear, Squeezing each point 30-60 times.If you have strong constitution or excesscondition the more frequently and harder youwant to press. For weak constitution anddeficiency condition the fewer times you want topress.
  22. 22. Direct Acu-point PressureThis technique is great for relieving pain, indigestion,preserving health, and preventing disease. Thismethod is also suitable for infants, children andsensitive patients.
  23. 23. Bare Ear SwabTake an ear swab and remove the tip orcut in half. Use the bare tip to find thetender points in Cymba Concha, CavumConcha, etc. or any points that aretender. Then with increasingly harderpressure press for 1-2 minutes until youhave the sensation of heat or pain in thelocal area.
  24. 24. Piezo Quartz PenElectrical Stimulation of Acu-point.Tip of Pen can be used to locatesensitive points. Once point is located.Activate pen by clicking 20 times in eachpoint 3 times per day.
  25. 25. Ear Acu-Magnetic TherapyUsing magnetic therapy in the ear was usedby the Chinese as early as the Ming Dynasty.It was used for deafness, relief of pain anditching, insomnia, asthma, and nervousdisorders. Modern Chinese have used earmagnetic therapy successfully in 60% ofcases for many types of dermatitis, pain,inflammation, abdominal diseases andaddictions with another 30% having apositive effect.
  26. 26. Ear Reflex Acu-PointsThere are over 200 acupuncture points inthe ear. Each acu-points leads to aregion of the body through a pathway ofenergy that circulates electro-magneticenergy in the body.
  27. 27. Ear Magnet ReflexologyThere are specific sites in the ear that suppressdesire for nicotine, appetite and alleviateanxiety. We use 5000 gauss magnets to createacupressure on specific acu-points. To createthe magnetic field we place a pair of magnetson either side of the acu-point. This will affectpoints close in proximity which has a beneficialeffect.
  28. 28. Ear Acu-Magnet TreatmentsThe diagrams show regions for the areas whereyou will place the magnets. Wear the magnets30-60 minutes daily. You will vary the pointseven though there may be three or more pointslisted. One ear is usually more sensitive thanthe other so we will use both ears for treatment.Try two magnets in each ear. It is suggestedthat you use no more than four points eachday. Treatment lasts for six weeks. Take twoweeks off and then repeat until desired result.
  30. 30. REFLEXOLOGYTreatments WEIGHT LOSSIncluding Constipationand Diarrhea STOP SMOKINGIncluding Marijuana, Nervous Anxiety &Stress Insomnia, Jet LagAnd Exhaustion Hair Loss Menopause Prostate TinnitusEar Ringing High BloodPressure Pain
  31. 31. Reliable and EffectiveEar Reflexology is a safe and effectivetreatment for many degenerativediseases. Ear Acu- magnets are avaluable medical tool.
  32. 32. Doctor of Oriental MedicineAuthor, Ear ReflexologyMassage your ears to
  33. 33. www.EarReflexology.comLove Chinese Medicine365 NE 5 St.Boca Raton FL
  34. 34. 561-502-6200