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  2. 2. Printmaking is the process of transferring a drawing or image onto a piece of paper or fabric using ink. Usually the artist can make multiple copies of a print.It has been a popular way of making art since the 1600’s, in many different countries.
  3. 3. The Prophet – 1912, by Emil Nolde This famous woodblock print (the artist carved his image on a block of wood, covered it in ink, and pressed it on paper) is a good demonstration of positive and negative space. The negative space is where the black ink is (the background). The white parts – the face – are the positive space.
  4. 4. • What’s going on in this picture?• What do you see that makes you say that? • What more can you find?
  5. 5. GELATIN PRINTING WITH LEAVES We’ll be creating images using leaves as our primary image. The leaves will represent our POSITIVE SPACE. The backgroundwill be ourNEGATIVE SPACE. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Roll ink on gelatin with brayer 2. Place leaves 3. Put paper down and rub4. Pull paper from gelatin. This is the negative image because the background has all the ink.5. Carefully pull up the leaves, trying not to disturb the ink. Place paper down, rub, and then pull paper back. This is the positive image because the ink is on the primary image.