The biggest Content Marketing Case ever!


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Trying to figure out whether there was Content Marketing before the Social Media Era. Presentation at Social Media Conference 2013 with Panos Rigas, in Greece. Read more: (in greek)

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The biggest Content Marketing Case ever!

  1. 1. Storytelling 2.0:Content Marketing in a Social Media WorldGeorge Gritzalas & Panos Rigas
  2. 2. What isContent Marketing?Companies are transformed into media publishers, creating andsharing news, videos, white-papers, ebooks, infographics, casestudies, how-to guides, Q&A, photos, etc, to make their clients“wiser” and inform them on how and why use their products, withouttrying to directly sell them.
  3. 3. We are moving from advertising to storytelling. Instead of saying“Visit our Gym” we are writing an article about “How to Maximize yourvisit to the Gym”. Customers are asked to engage whether that thisengagement comes from a simple comment to a total change in theirway of life and product usage.
  4. 4. But when did this “content marketing” thing start? Is this trendyand catchy term new, or is it something older? Do new media win over“traditional” ones?
  5. 5. est: 1895The Furrow of John Deere, was the first Content Marketing case,making farmers more productive!
  6. 6. cont’d: 2013And it still exists today
  7. 7. est: 1900The famous Guide Michelin was another great old-dog of ContentMarketing.
  8. 8. But the catch is here: Can we figure out whether old ContentMarketing cases where more effective, or the Content Marketing timeis... Now, in the New Media Age?
  9. 9. BORING!This would be agood anwser.
  10. 10. This is not the answer either.
  11. 11. When trying to find out the top content marketing case ever, thereis no reason to look in the Social Media Era.Even before such powerful channels, we have a clear winner.
  12. 12. 2,344,591,050 followersThe best content marketing case successfully created
  13. 13. Engagement that will break your bones.
  14. 14. Excellent brand loyalty and fanatic ambassadors.
  15. 15. huge product range
  16. 16. huge product rangeheavenly sales
  17. 17. skyrocketing profits
  18. 18. Lets start from the brief:
  19. 19. 1 love peace and...Some time ago there was a person that had an idea to connect allpeople under one service that would make them happy.
  20. 20. 2 the very early adopterAt first there were too few early adopters.
  21. 21. 3 off with his headPeople were sceptical, and...
  22. 22. 4 bang! bang!...killed the entrepreneur.
  23. 23. and then...the heavy users
  24. 24. re and save!
  25. 25. THE METHOD
  27. 27. All in One Book!
  28. 28. And The Product is:
  29. 29. Jesus
  30. 30. And the book is the:
  31. 31. The content is being used unchanged for 2.000 years
  32. 32. As you can see clearlygood content createsfansfanatic
  33. 33. content is NOT king
  34. 34. GOD!content is
  35. 35. good content createsUSER EXPERIENCE
  36. 36. Jesus has a lot offollowers on Social Media as well
  37. 37. And Content Marketing has the sametargets historically:Creating useful, relevant stories thatadd value to customers and engagethem end to end.
  38. 38. Visit us at: www.aea.grGOT IT PIG?YES SHEEP!