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Production log finished


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this is the production log for my film

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Production log finished

  1. 1. By George Gibbard
  2. 2. Research/Brainstorming We came up with a idea of a genre that we though that we would use. We started off by looking at things such as the mask and chucky as we had the idea of a movie that was a horror genre and by watching this movie we took notes of what they all had in common. After seeing what the all had in common with each other we decided on two ideas for a movie and how they blended in with school setting. The first idea was a monkey that was a cop and that he would find the criminals in the school and arrest them. The other idea that we had was that a child was bullied and got revenge on the people that bullied him by putting on a mask which changed the way that he behaved. We discussed the options between the movies and how they could be made in this school. We figured out that the movie with the monkey cop would be hard to film in a school environment but could be used as a way of starting using the cameras and iMovie.
  3. 3. Research/brainstorming By not choosing the monkey that was a police officer we was bale to use that to help us get used to the software that we was going to use. We chose the child that got bullied as it was easy to set in the location of a school and meant. Also we chose this because we are the same age as the people that this was happening to so it was easy to get into character.we then brainstormed our ideas and by doing so meant that we was able to see what to do and film certain things on certain days so we had a timeline to work with meaning that we was never behind where we needed to be.
  4. 4. Skills Development Practice We then started to film the idea that we wasn’t going to use as a way of practicing with the software and cameras that we was going to use. This helped us with our project as it meant that we was all able to get used to the camera and by doing this it meant that our actual project was able to get on with our project quickly and easily. Also by doing this we was able to edit our work quickly and easily because we had been practicing with iMovie and by practicing we was able to add effects to the movie. This helped su to make the movie more efficiently without being annoyed by the software that we was using when making our actual project.
  5. 5. Planning After deciding on what movie we was going to use and practicing with iMovie we then made our story board and planned the way that we was going to make our movie. By making our storyboard we was able to plan everyday of filming so there was no time wasted. The storyboard meant that we was able to easily and quickly get on with our work . We then decided on what script we was going to make but then we decided on our movie having no dialogue in it and by not having any dialogue in the movie it meant that we didn’t have to make a script instead we made a profile of what we was going to do and at what times so we can find out if we was behind our schedule. Finally we took pictures of where the shots would be taken and put the next to the script so we knew where to go and when to go there
  6. 6. Actual filming We started to film our movie after making our script and our brainstorming. Then we started filming because at the start it was only me Lewis and Charlie in the movie and this meant that we all had to do filming and editing together. Firstly it was me and Lewis filming Charlie (monster) this meant that we split up the filming between each other. Then when it was Charlie filming me and Lewis this meant that we was able to show us getting filmed by him. Then once we had finished filming the certain parts of the movie Lewis and I started to edit them we had to crop them which is what I had done. Then Lewis had added certain special effects on the movie meaning that we was able to make it the way we wanted the movie to be like for the first part of filming.after getting a base for our film we then foud problems and parts where we could extend on the movie.
  7. 7. Re-shoot When reshooting the movie and adding extra parts to it we had myles and Kieran. Myles helped with all the filming and also me and Charlie also done some. Then after filming what we needed with the new parts we done editing with Lewis and me we added in titles and music was put on after being decided on by the group as a decision. We then found problems such as there being shots out of focus and the movie not being long enough so again we went filming with me Lewis and Myles doing filming of Charlie. We then decided on adding them parts to the movie. Finally Lewis edited them by cropping the clips and changing the lighting and the sound with the help of Kieran.
  8. 8. editing We chose the 28 days later theme song. This was chosen as it creates a lot of tension in the opening scene also it make the different parts in the movie link together. The music speeds up and slows down as does the cuts of the movie. The track follows the conventions of horror as its good at building up tension. We was able to make cuts to our movie along with the music and by doing so meant that more tension was created and meaning that the horror genre was meant more.