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Brainstorm and genre reasearch


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this is my genre research and brainstorm for the horror movie I created

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Brainstorm and genre reasearch

  1. 1. Genre Research By George Gibbard
  2. 2. introduction Our groups genre for our opening sequence was a horror film so we decided to watch some movies of the same genre and do some research to get a brainstorm and some genre research for our project
  3. 3. Codes and conventions  The music creates tension - which build up to the vital part for the main character  Changes in camera angles - means that there is many different views and that you don’t know what is going to come next  Shadows – makes it spooky and can give it the movie a edge to it  Low key lighting
  4. 4. Codes and conventions  Flashbacks – can go back to the change in there life or why they are going after the people that they are going after  Use of photographs- so they can look at there past and compare with themselves now  unexpected situation- The characters are carrying on a normal day and events takes place and sees them out of place of their routine.  Ordinary Character- A character is interrupted by an unexpected situation and is forced to take an action (survive, love, wealth).
  5. 5. Codes and conventions  A source of fear- This is what the character will be confronted with throughout the film and is also the thing that the character will overcome towards the end.  Character’s Attitude and Behaviour- Comedy side is how the actor acts and behaves. Also the way he says unexpected lines which makes the audience laugh. Horror side is how the character comes across e.g. scary appearance and the way the character comes across e.g. jumpy.
  6. 6. conclusion  The list above is the conventions that are in a horror movie so to make our film a horror we have to include most or all of them so that the audience can tell what type of movie that it is.
  7. 7. Brainstorm
  8. 8. BRAINSTORM Cast: Lewis Tristram – Actor/ Editor Myles Faribido – Camera Man George Gibbard (me) – Actor /camera man Charlie Carter – Actor Kieran Smith – Editor Genre: Horror Locations: School corridor School playground P.E changing rooms Drama studio Roles: Lewis Tristram (me) - School Boy/ Editor Myles Faribido – Camera Man George Gibbard – School Boy Charlie Carter – Mask Kieran Smith – Editor Production Company Name: Haca Media Productions Props Needed: A Mask Tennis Ball Chair Rope Tittle of Film: Not Your Normal Kidnapper Duration of Film: 2minutes 36seconds Target Audience: Where would the trailer be shown? 15-30 years old The trailer will be shown during an advertisement in the cinemas Certification: The certification will be 15; therefore the film is appropriate for 15’s and above.