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Media research 2nd


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Media research 2nd

  1. 1. Media Research• 2nd Half
  2. 2. This is a double page spread from the magazine Kerrang. The twopages are combined as one big page. There are four pictures withinthe spread with at least one band member in each of them. Using afair amount of pictures will attract and entertain the audience andmost likely selling the article to them. Three colours are predominantlyused. Red, black and white are all used. These three colours attractand stand out. Making the magazine easier to read and moreaccessible to the reader. The size of the font varies again a techniqueused to attract and entertain the audience. The colour of the font andpage itself could reflect the emotions of the band and their genre.MCR genre is punk and the red white and black could signify theiremotions. From looking at the double page spread I can see that the band ‘MyChemical Romance’ are trying to sell their music to the targetaudience of the magazine. The target audience beingindiepunkrock lovers the age group could range from 15 to 40. Themagazine focuses on MCR new album. They give the audience sneakpeaks to names of the tracks and what they are going to sound like.They also portray photos of the band themselves in the studio etc. thiswill excite the audience leaving them wanting to know more and alsoleaving them eager to purchase the album when it is released. Themagazine also uses the words ‘World exclusive’ this makes the articleunique in its own way leaving the readers thinking only they know thismuch information about the new album.The language used in the interview could be seen as colloquial. Theleading band member Gerard Way uses words such as ‘how the hell’and ‘gonna’. These words are generally used by the youngergenerations. This interview can relate to its younger audience. It couldconnect with them and encourage them to buy the magazine. Forexample if one of their favourite lead singers talks like the way they dothe younger generation see them as role models and will act and talklike them.Overall the various elements used to create this double page spreadare in my opinion used to try and sell and emphasize the bandfeatured within the article. All of the elements used help to do this. Ithink that the producer of the article aimed to inform and entertain itsaudience and tried to not only sell the bad but the magazine itself, bythis I mean it wants to gain more customers and generate more profit.
  3. 3. This is a double page spread. Unlike my previous double page spread this one doesn’t have vast amounts of photos and the writingdoesn’t represent anger or fierce emotions. There is one main image on the left hand side of the page. The model is rap artist T.I.although there aren’t vast amounts of photos one main and large image will attract and amuse the target audience especially if there is apopular and successful rap artist on the page. The colour used varies a lot for example the colours on the second page are brightsummary colours. This contrasts with the topic of the article, the topic being ‘the summer preview’. This lightens the mood of the articleand aims to please and enlighten the mood of its audience. It gives the magazine a more summery and light feel. Allowing the readers torelax whilst reading the article.T.I. himself is posing and looking directly at the audience. This connects the reader not only with T.I. but also with the magazine. Like allrappers T.I. is wearing gold and silver chains. T.I. is a role model to many young rappers and young people. The chain around his neckrepresents fame, hard work, money and power. Each of these elements are what some young people want to aspire to be.
  4. 4. This is a double page spread from Q magazine. The colouring of the double page spread is dark this shows an element of profession andseriousness. The magazine is trying to promote and make Kid Cudi look professional and good at the same time. There is one mainimage which is of Kid Cudi himself, this stresses that the atricle is about him and him only. This also shows its audience what he lookslike if they didn’t already know. The colour of the font is white this makes it easier for the audience to read because of the blackbackground.Kid Cudi himself is standing up and swearing at the reader. This connects the reader and Kid Cudi together making the reader feel moreinvolved in the interview. This also shows the audience that Kid Cudi is rebellious and how he behaves. However he can do this becausehe is a rapper and generally all rappers swear. The audience may want to see this because rap itself is about being yourself and lettingyour emotions and thoughts out.
  5. 5. This double page spread is from XXL magazine. The main feature of themagazine is two rappers, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. You can clearly seethis from the two of them on the left page. They cover and occupy thewhole page. The language used at the start is slang. It was taken froma tweet by 50 Cent. Swear words and other words are used. You cantell that the target audience of this magazine is young rap and hip hopfans. You can tell this by the language used and the most obviousaspect is that two of the biggest and most successful rappers are themain feature of the magazine. The general layout of the magazine issimple; this makes it easy and more accessible for its audience.
  6. 6. This is a double page spread from the magazine Q. As you can seefrom the picture Lady Gaga is the main feature in the issue of themagazine. She covers the left hand side of the double page spread.The shot used is a mid shot. Lady Gaga looks directly at the readerallowing the reader to feel more involved. She has no top on and isonly covered by what looks like to be some sort of necklace. Herhairstyle is also wild; this shows the reader the nature of Lady Gaga, hernature being wild, extreme and rebellious. The layout of the magazineis simple but compelling. There is one image and one article. Thissimplistic layout makes the article more accessible for its audience. Thepicture itself is a black and white one; you could argue that this addsdramatic effect making the article more interesting. There is a large Lletter that matches the length of the page, the shape itself if red, I thinkthis adds an element of seriousness and makes the article look moreprofessional.
  7. 7. jMagazine Institutions• Magazine institutions•• IPC Media•• IPC Media creates over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds o UK women and 42% of UK men – almost 26 million UK adults – IPC Media websites collectively receive over 20 million users per month. IPC’s diverse print and portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass-market women and upmarket women.•• IPC has 5 divisions• IPC Advertising – This offers its customers access to IPC Media’s unparalleled range of print and online brands. Their leading portfolio reaches 27 million UK adults, and online their brands reach 20 million users every month.• IPC Connect - IPC Connects brands provide powerful reach, with its magazines read by 49% of all mass market women – thats eight million mass market women, while its digital brands reach 2.7 million adults• IPC Inspire - IPC Inspire is IPCs mens division. Its portfolio of 38 brands covers a huge spectrum of interests and includes famous names from Country Life and The Field to Nuts and NME.• MarketForce - Marketforce is the UKs leading news trade sales and Distribution Company, successfully marketing 23% of the total magazine category.• IPC Southbank - IPC Southbank is the up market womens division, focusing on the two key markets of Fashion & Womens Lifestyle and Home Interest. Southbank is home to some of the most iconic magazine brands in publishing.••• The International Publishing Corporation Ltd was formed in 1963 following the merger of the UKs three leading magazine publishers – George Newnes, Odhams Press and Fleetway Publications – who came together with the Mirror Group to form the International Publishing Corporation (IPC). And IPC Magazines was created five years later, in 1968.••• Bauer Media•• Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.• Bauer Media joined the Bauer Media Group in January 2008 following acquisition of Emap plc’s consumer and specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses. Collectively, the Group employs some 6,400 people.• Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions – Magazines and Radio - widely recognized and rewarded as being industry innovators.•
  8. 8. • EMAP•• Emap is a business-to-business multiplatform media group, whose brands informs, inspire and connect within the sectors they operate in. For millions of people across the globe involved in the built environment, retail, media, fashion, health, education, government and automotive sectors, Emap provides essential news, analysis and access.•• Emap maintains an undiluted focus on content and product quality across online and offline publications, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, data and intelligence services. This enables the sharing of best practice, ideas and inspiration, for better, more timely, more informed decisions. Emap gives business professionals the commercial understanding and access to the people and organisations they need to do their jobs better•• Eden Bidco ltd• In March 2008 Emap plc was acquired by Eden Bidco Ltd, a joint venture between Apax and Guardian Media Group plc.•• Apax Partners•• Apax Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity investment groups. It operates across the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia and has more than 30 years of investing experience. Funds under the advice of Apax Partners total $35 billion around the world. These Funds provide long-term equity financing to build and strengthen world-class companies. Apax Partners Funds invest in companies across its global sectors of Tech & Telecom, Retail & Consumer, Media, Healthcare and Financial & Business Services. Funds advised by Apax Partners have invested in the media sector for more than 20 years. Significant recent investments include: Incisive Media, Central European Media Enterprises, HIT Entertainment, World Directories and Yell. For more information visit:• Guardian Media Group•• Guardian Media Group plc is one of the UKs leading multimedia companies. Its diverse portfolio includes:• Guardian News & Media: the Guardian and Observer newspapers and the website.• GMG Radio: regional radio stations across the UK under the Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Rock Radio brands.• Trader Media Group: one of Europes largest specialist print and online media companies, and publisher of the Auto Trader magazine and website. GMG and Apax Partners, with GMG as the majority shareholder, jointly own Trader Media Group.• GMG Property Services Group: Vebra and Core, leading providers of software to independent estate agents and, the consumer-facing portal.• GMG is owned by the Scott Trust, which was created in 1936 to secure the financial and editorial independence of the Guardian in perpetuity. For further information visit
  9. 9. RapHip Hop Questionnaire• RapHip Hop Questionnaire• Who do you prefer?• Lil Wayne - 2• Eminem -5• Drake – 1• Tyler The Creator – 2•• In your opinion what is Eminem’s best song?•• Mocking Bird - 1• Toy Soldiers - 2• Not Afraid- 1• Stan - 1• Lose Yourself - 2• Beautiful - 1• Love the way you lie -2•• Who out of these artists is the most stylish (clothing etc)• Soulja Boy - 3• Chris Brown - 2• Tyler The Creator - 3• Pharrel - 2•• Who uses the best lyrics?• 50 Cent - 2• Drake - 1• Eminem - 6• ADD other if applicable - 1•• Who is the best role model?• Eminem - 2• Tyler The Creator - 3• Jay Z - 1• Soulja Boy - 2• 50 Cent -2•• What is your favourite genre of music?• Rap – 1• Indie - 4• Heavy Metal - 1• Dubstep – 2• Rock – 1• Reggae - 1
  10. 10. R a r pro e de fileMy m g zine re de a a a rs are into the m ic g nre o ra a us e f p nd hip-hop.R a rs will s nd fro e de pe m £2 - £5, this would m a m m g zine wo e n y a a uld have tobe a re s na ao ble pric . eThe ta y ke inte s in m ny diffe nt ra re t a re ppe , the like the diffe nt s rs y re tyle the srappers us . eMa ny o the re de f a rs judg the m g zine by the fro e a a nt c ve a o r nd who is o it, ntaking a g nc a it a la e t nd s e e ing who m it is will attra t the . The fo c m re re I willm ke the pic a ture inte s re ting and eye g bbing ra .The re de a rs like and re pe t E ine s c m mThe re de a rs like to knowand re d a ut the ra a bo ppers la s e nts e te t ve tc (newsand inform tio a ut the ra a n bo ppe r)
  11. 11. Reflection on contents page analysisI researched into many different types of contents pages, which variedfrom different magazines of different genres and different styles andfound out many techniques used by the magazines themselves somewere examples of unique selling points and some were similar to eachother. In my opinion the contents page has to look bold and stand outwell it also has to entertain the reader and entice them even more sothey get the feeling that the magazine is well written produced andlaid out well. Usually the contents page will have a masthead at thetop of the page. This usually is the name of the magazine howeversometimes there is a statement simply saying ‘inside this week’ or ‘thisweek…’ statements that let the reader know what they are going tofind inside the magazine. Most of the contents page that I found had alot of images displayed on the page. I think this is a good way to sellthe magazine. I think this because the reader will want to see imagesof what lies within the magazine. I think that it entertains the reader. Itwill also let them know who stars in their magazine again selling themagazine to its audience. I think that the variety of pictures used ismore entertaining for example one magazine I bought there arevarieties of photos for example photos of bands posing, laughinghaving fun etc and then there is a picture of Jay Z and Kanye Westsinging on stage. This variety makes it more entertaining for the reader.Font and colouring of font plays a big part in the success of themagazine. One example is that the page itself is white and the writingis black so this enhances the boldness of the font, making it easier forthe reader to view the page numbers, making it more accessible forthe reader, this helps sell the magazine and attract future customersand members.
  12. 12. Reflection on double page spread analysisI have researched into many different types of double page spreadsfrom different types and genres of magazines. I have found out thatthere are different techniques used to try and entertain and sell themagazine to its various target audience members. Firstly there is a largeimage of the artist or band the double page spread is covering. Insome case I have found that the image is on the left had side of thepage and in others the image is on the same page as the writing,basically all together. Sometimes the image is integrated into thewriting making the page seem more interesting and entertaining.However some people will have different views and opinions on whichlayout they prefer whether it is of the image on one page or all of thewriting and images together the two pages. The image itself has to bea striking one. One that will entertain and amuse its audience and onethat will grab the reader’s attention secondly the font and lettering ofthe page should be amusing and eye catching. If the font is brightlycoloured and stands out it is most likely going to catch the reader’sattention and will sell the magazine and article to them. However fromwhat I have seen the font of the actual article itself is a professionaland mature look. This will make the magazine look entertaining andamusing but at the same time it will make it look professional this againsells the magazine. The titles of the double page spread needs to beamusing, entertaining and stand out in the sense the reader isentertained by it. This helps sell and will attract the readers attention tothe double page spread, leaving them knowing that the magazine ismore than capable of writing a good and amusing double pagespread. The language used within the article can help sell themagazine. If taboo and slang words are used it will help sell themagazine to a younger audience. This means that the target audiencewill be for a younger audience and the material will be suited for ayoung person. Overall I think that there are many techniques used tohelp sell and attract audiences and new readers. Each of them in theirown way help sell the magazine and create and produce a uniqueand entertaining double page spread, through language, image, font,colour and many more techniques and various elements the magazinecan become highly successful.
  13. 13. Reflection on front cover analysisI have researched and looked into numerous magazine covers. The genres of themagazines have varied a lot and from looking into different genres and magazinetypes I have realized and learnt that there are lots of different styles used andcarried by different magazines. When looking into front covers the maintechnique that seems to come into focus is the main image on the front cover.The image itself covers the majority of the front cover and is usually a mid shotof a famous music artist that the magazine is focusing on in the issue. The modelis looking directly at the audience this connects the reader with the star on thefront cover. The model themselves will be famous and will usually be doing well,this is a unique selling point for the magazine it helps sell the magazine andincrease its popularity. Many buzz words are used to exaggerate the significanceof the issue for example the word exclusive plays a large part in selling themagazine. This makes the interview or article they have included in theirmagazine special to the magazine itself. The reader will see this and purchase themagazine simply because their favourite artist has exclusively features in thismagazine, again an example of unique selling points. The font and colour of thefont also helps sell the magazine. For example the magazine will aim to lookprofessional and look like a mature and well respected magazine, this will helpinfluence the target audience when coming to choose the magazine, in somecases a magazine will attempt to do the opposite and make the front coverflamboyant and stand out. This is a point of difference. Some magazines willattempt to put contrasting colours on the front cover, this will help the magazinebecome bold and stand out thoroughly. This will catch the audience’s attentionand help them choose the magazine. This leads on to my next point, which is themasthead. The masthead is a main feature of the magazine. The company willwant the masthead to stand and boldly and largely. It will help sell and promotethe magazine. Some magazines design it in a certain way in which the mastheadstands out and is an elegant masthead and will stick into the audience’s head forfuture reference when coming to purchase a magazine. Overall I think that thereare various elements and techniques that help make the magazine. I think thebold font and colourful lettering on the page help make the magazine the bestand most attractive it can be, they are essential details and contribute wholly tothe success of the magazine.
  14. 14. What type of music do you like? Rap Indie Heavy metal Rock reggae
  15. 15. Favourite Eminem song? Mocking bird Toy soldiers Not afraid Stan Lose yourself Beautiful Love the way you lie
  16. 16. Who do you prefer? Lil Wayne Eminem Drake Tyler The Creator
  17. 17. Who is the most stylish? Soulja Boy Chris Brown Tyler The Creator Pharrel
  18. 18. Who has the best lyrics? Eminem 50 Cent Drake Other
  19. 19. Who is the best role model? Eminem Tyler The Creator Jay Z Soulja Boy 50 Cent
  20. 20. Audience reflectionI produced a questionnaire that related to mychosen genre of magazine. I asked questions aboutwhich rap artists they preferred and otherquestions like ‘which rapper is the most stylish?’etc, this allowed the audience to really think aboutthe rappers and what they dress like and theirpersonality. It also showed me which rappers arepreferred and looked upon to be great andsuccessful rappers in my audience’s minds. Fromlooking at my results I can see that Eminem is a wellfavoured and respected rapper and is appreciatedby many people.
  21. 21. Find Your tribe
  22. 22. User Gratification theory Diversion XXL magazine is a great way to get away and be free from the events that are going on around us in our everyday lives. The magazine offers interesting interviews and news stories of artists and new songs or albums soon to be released. Personal relationships Reading XXL gives the reader information about rappers and other artists, it also gives the reader news about various topics, and this gives the reader a chance to socialize with their social groups. Personal identity XXL magazine writes about artists, the reader can compare themselves to the rapper or artist. This can help the reader discover themselves more and they can become more confident etc. Surveillance The readers of XXL can read and learn more about their favourite rappers and music artists. XXL interviews the artists and lets the reader know and enhance their knowledge of their favourite artists.