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Evaluation Question 1 -

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Evaluation Question 1 -

  1. 1. In this answer I will be answering the question, "in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?" I will start by explaining what forms and conventions are. Form is the basic structure of a text, for example the trailer that we looked at in class which had a mixture of montage and continuity editing used in it. Conventions are things that are commonly found in most texts, for example things like "coming soon", the titles, fonts, taglines, colour schemes and an introduction of the characters are all conventions of a teaser trailer and poster.
  2. 2. One way in which the teaser trailer uses these conventions is the colour scheme. We have used a basic colour scheme which consists of mainly pinks, blues and whites. This colour scheme continues throughout all 3 products which helps people tell that the three products are linked. The colour scheme also helps define the genre to the audience. This is because you would be able to tell that the film is going to be based on a boy and a girl due to the blue and pink colours that we have used. This also gives an impression that the main characters are quite young as they are brighter shades which could denotate that the film is based around characters in their teenage years.
  3. 3. Another way in which the teaser trailer uses these conventions is the introduction of the main characters. This is because we use the same 2 characters (Lily and Aiden) feature predominantly in all three products that we use. It also helps the audience see what the genre is because of how the characters are dressed and what they look like. For example in the poster and magazine cover, Lily is carrying books and is made out to be a geek, whereas Aiden is dressed in a hoody and more casually and is made out to be a popular kid. The fact that they are standing back to back could also denotate that there is some sort of conflict between the two characters. When we first meet the characters in the video trailer the colour that goes with them is the colour that would stereotypically go with that gender, for example pink with Lily and blue with Aiden.
  4. 4. A third way in which the teaser trailer uses these conventions is the font. The fonts that we used were all very similar throughout all 3 media texts which, along with the colour scheme, signifies that the three products are all linked together. The fonts we used were bubbly kinds of fonts which could give the impression that the films genre is going to be about younger people. Keeping this font the same all the way through each of the products helps the audience know that they are all linked together as the continuity throughout shows that they are promoting the same thing.
  5. 5. As our teaser trailer is heavily influenced by films of our genre, for example "Its a Boy Girl Thing", it doesnt really challenge the main conventions of a Teen Drama film. However there are some ways in which the trailer develops these conventions. The first way is that when in our trailer we introduce our main characters, they get singled out from the background and put into the foreground. This makes them stand out more so you can tell easily who the characters are. This developed the main conventions because in the teaser trailers we watched in our research, none of them used the same technique as we did to introduce the main characters which shows that it is a unique way of portraying the characters which proves that is not a conventional factor of our genre.
  6. 6. Another way that our teaser trailer challenges the conventions of our genre is that in "Its a Boy Girl Thing" the background is static and the font moves around whereas in our teaser trailer our background moves and our font stays static. This challenges the conventions because it contrasts our main influence (Its a Boy Girl Thing), and is a different way of portraying the titles.
  7. 7. A third way our teaser trailer challenges the conventions is the way our characters are portrayed. For example stereotypically the boys in the film have sports cars and are part of the football team whereas the females are normally cheerleaders and the films are based on love, whereas our film has not got a main theme of love and the characters contrast each other. Teen films normally have an established actor in their films (ie Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls), whereas our film doesnt. This is because we were on a low budget and are on an Independent film company.