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Question 1 ppt


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Question 1 ppt

  1. 1. Question 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Use I am going to talk about the techniques I have pickedup from other magazines such as colour scheme, layout, images, fronts,positioning, reputation
  3. 3. Front Cover UseColour Scheme The colour scheme is similar to this John Lennon special Q magazine with the gold border, the gold representation a stereotypes view of winner and success which also draws people into your magazine focusing on the main part of the front cover, such as the text which may draw people into the magazine and the headline image
  4. 4. Use Front Cover PositioningThe Positioning and layout of the things on the front cover is important because within the front cover looking great who would buy yourmagazine, the front cover sets the tone for the rest of the magazine, such as my inspiration I have used the same shot type the close upshowing the facial expression of the featured artist and the reader connecting with the artist. Also the positioning ofthe text around the artist such as other artist within the magazine can be key to getting readers
  5. 5. Use Front Cover Image The image is key forgaining reader I pickedthe close up shot was a great shot to use the eyes of the chosen artist connecting withthe reader and also the personality is shown well through this type of photo. Another reason this photo shot is great is for right in your face when you look at the magazine
  6. 6. Use Contents Page Colour SchemeColour Scheme as you can see in the two images are the same border and the colours such as the black photo’s and text and alsothe advert being the samecolour as the logo and myfeatured artist top. Colour Scheme is a great way to connect the magazine pages together and givethe magazine and success and slick feel about the magazine
  7. 7. Use Contents Page Positioning Positioning you got position to draw the page together, I seen the techniques used of the picture of one side and the text around it on another magazine and liked the look of it so, I adopted it to suit my magazine and drawn into together, NME contents page is similar to mine with similar photo’sand text draw people in like I think I have achieved
  8. 8. Use Contents Page Image The Images I used I think were a great way to drawing people into my magazine, showing and range of artist and events without this images thecontents page would not be appealing and also the magazine would be really boring and the contents page from NME is good because it has a great layout so you can seeeverything on the page, mycontents has an advert from subscribing to the magazine which is a great way to get more people subscribing
  9. 9. Use Double Page Colour Scheme SpreadThe Colour Scheme stays the same with the gold being show in the advert for his local gig and alsothe basic colour of black and white within the page still and in the article. The white text and black background comes together welland also the gold keeping with the border and theme and also the advert for next weeks issue is a colourful background showing being different from anybackground showing that you had a new and updated to date issue every month
  10. 10. Use Double Page Positioning Spread The Positioning of the images is key for drawing in people into the magazine and also the text because ifyou see a double page spread with too much text on it, will just draw people away from the page and just skip thepage but with the right amount of textand images and also a range of colourin the right positioning is key, without the right position you may gain the impression of successful, otherwise you will gain the impression being boring and lazy layout
  11. 11. Use Double Page Image Spread The image is a great way to draw people into the double page spread, the reader would be the firstthing they seen is the title and the images so if theimages dont link together it will seem unsuccessful and lazy and also linking the photo together brings the whole page together as a whole
  12. 12. Develop Colour Scheme The main I developedwithin my magazine was the colour scheme with the gold colour schemestaying the same through out on my front cover,content page and doublepage spread this is a great way to link the pages together and giving out the same expression, the gold giving a strong expression of successful and winner
  13. 13. Develop Images I developed my image from my inspiration with the front cover image being inblack and white because the Jon Lennon on the Q featured in dead unlike my magazine genre being now upcoming artists and up to date that is why I kept myimage basic colour’s, linking to my magazine name (Fresh) and genre.
  14. 14. Challenge The Challenge wasmy whole magazinein general being the genre of the magazine which isupcoming and up todate music which no other does or even attempt a whole magazine like mine that is why, this ismy challenge, I thinkoverall my magazineis successful and thebest I could make it.