Talent strategies for a networked world


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George Anders, author of The Rare Find, provides an overview of the global talent market and shares ideas about how to hire more effectively.

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Talent strategies for a networked world

  1. 1. Talent StrategiesFor a Networked WorldLima, Peru: Seminarium HR Conference Dec. 12, 2012 George Anders
  2. 2. Our Agenda Today First Session• What’s Going Wrong in Global Talent Markets?• Can We Do Better? Lessons From ‘The Rare Find’• How Should We Apply the Seven Key Values to Our Industries? Second Session• How Can Social Networks Help Talent Hunting Right Now?• What Is Social Media’s Promise for the Future?
  3. 3. Work Is Rapidly Being RedefinedProduction Transactions Interactions2.7m jobs lost 0.7m jobs lost 4.8m new jobs Source: McKinsey & Co.
  4. 4. Labor Markets Struggle to Adjust 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Japan Brazil Australia U.S.Argentina Jobless RateGermany Peru Skills Shortages France China Spain Sources: TradingEconomics.com, Manpower
  5. 5. Vital Jobs Are The Hardest to Fill Critical High-Potential Top Employees Skills Performers 72% 60% 59%Source: Towers/Watson Talent Survey 2012
  6. 6. In 2020, More High-Skill Shortages MCKINSEY PREDICTS GLOBAL JOB GAP OF 40 MILLION DELOITTE: 37% OF FIRMS CALL TALENT PLANS WEAK U.S. Gaps: Information Technology (IT); Health; Top Management; Welders; Data Scientists Latin America: Mining, Engineering, IT, Health China: College graduates in all levels; engineers
  7. 7. What Can We Learn From Enterprises With Top Talent Strategies?
  8. 8. In the U.S. Army, an Elite 4%Of Soldiers Serve in ‘Special Forces’
  9. 9. Battles aren’t fought like this any more
  10. 10. How do youIdentIfya great soldier?
  11. 11. In the field, you must ImproVISE
  12. 12. Can You Improvise?
  13. 13. Mettle“Being ableto dealconfidentlywith theunknown.”
  14. 14. Across a Vast Range of Disciplines, Similar Virtues Dominate Hiring
  15. 15. Top Hires Are Guided by 7 Key Traits Desire to Learn Efficiency Judgment Resilience Compati- Self- bility Reliance Curiosity/ Acumen
  16. 16. Lessons From an Energy Giant: Which Factors Drive Future Success? Years of industry experience Education Management skills Communications skills Technical expertise Teamwork skills Adaptability to change or hardshipSource: Mercer, “Strategic management of human capital in the energy sector”
  17. 17. Surprise! The Actual Rankings Adaptability to change or hardship (220) Teamwork skills (215) Technical expertise (200) Communications skills (130) Management skills (125) Education (65) Years of industry experience (60)Source: Mercer, “Strategic management of human capital in the energy sector”
  18. 18. Are Our Hiring Models Backwards? Lou Adler
  19. 19. “Good-to-greatcompanies placemore weight oncharacter than onspecific skills orexperience.”Jim CollinsGood to Great
  20. 20. New Psychology Studies StressThe Importance of Resilience “T h e r o a d t o s u c c e s s i s l e a r n i n g t o d e a l wi t h
  21. 21. TheProblem: We’ve Been Seduced by Precision
  22. 22. So How Can We Use‘Soft’ Methods With Confidence? Desire to Learn Efficiency Judgment Resilience Compati- Self- bility Reliance Curiosity / Acumen
  23. 23. 1. Win top management supportfor truly getting to know candidates
  24. 24. 2. Build rigor into your assessment system• Detailed biographical-data reviews of candidates’ careers• Simulations• Auditions or tryouts• Situational judgment questions• Personality tests (?)
  25. 25. 3. Become an Aggressive Listener• Ask Open-Ended Questions (How and Why?) They Take You Deeper Than What and Where• Dare to Ask ‘The 3rd Question’• If You Use Scenarios, Pick Ones That Reflect Real Job IssuesF i t Ma n y S ma l l P i e c e sI n t o a Fu l l Pa t t e r n
  26. 26. 4. Make Room for the Jagged Resume • Rare Virtues • Some Career Ups and Downs • Limited Direct Experience • Unconventional Minor Habits
  27. 27. 5. Dare to Ask: ‘What Can Go Right?’Athletes Actors Authors Singers
  28. 28. First Half Summary: • In a Fast-Changing World, New Strategies Can Help Us Be Hiring Champions • Hunt for 7 Character Traits That Help Signal Winners • You Can Assess ‘Soft Skills’ in Bold but Rigorous Ways
  29. 29. Three Questions for Break Time • What Social Networks Do You Use? • Do Social Networks Help You At All in Recruiting? • What Worries You About Social Media in Business?
  30. 30. Part 2:How Social MediaChanges the Game
  31. 31. What We Will Cover• Making Weak Ties Pay Off• Sizing Up Actual Work Online• Overcoming Talent Shortages
  32. 32. A Front-Row View of Social Media and Its Impact on Job Markets
  33. 33. Talent Sourcing: 1970 and Today Social Networks Your Web Site Internet Job Boards Referrals Agencies & Recruiters Print Ads Paper Applications1970 1997 2006 2009 2012Sources: Rees & Shultz (U of Chicago); BoozAllen; CareerXRoads
  34. 34. Online Job Ads Bring A DelugeOf Candidates -- Mostly Ill-Qualified 219 1Source: Jobs2Web Inc.
  35. 35. We Don’t Want 1,000 More Names;We Want Entry Into New Talent Pools
  36. 36. Referrals Keep Working in Any Era Social Networks Your Web Site Internet Job Boards Referrals Agencies & Recruiters Print Ads Paper Applications1970 1997 2006 2009 2012Sources: Rees & Shultz (U of Chicago); BoozAllen; CareerXRoads
  37. 37. 1. We Want Digital-Era Referrals Deep Reference Checks Sense of Cultural Fit Understanding of What The Job Is All About Desire to Get It Right And All Online, Too!
  38. 38. Who Provides the Best Job Leads? Look to “the Strength of Weak Ties” Stanford Prof.Mark Granovetter
  39. 39. Can Social Media Harness Our Weak Ties? Let’s Find Out!
  40. 40. My 1st Order ContactsAren’t Useful (Yet) in Peru --------- ----->
  41. 41. But Indirect Contacts Are 1,200 Strong!
  42. 42. With Entry Into Peru’s Top Industries, Companies and Universities
  43. 43. It No Longer Takes 6 ConnectionsFor Two Strangers to Be in Contact Longer 6 Links Apart
  44. 44. The Stock Market’s Verdict:Social Networks Surpass Online Job Boards706050403020100
  45. 45. Networks’ New Role in HiringIs Part of a Much Wider Trend 20121970
  46. 46. 2. How Else Can Social Media Help?We Can Start at the Pipeline’s Right End
  47. 47. Suppose We Want to Hire … A Computer Programmer A Mechanical Engineer A Graphic Designer
  48. 48. Where Are All the Programmers? • 2.7 million users • 4 million questions • 22,000 teams
  49. 49. “Github is myresume.” David Doubrovkine Lead software engineer Art.sy, New York City
  50. 50. How Facebook Finds Top Coders70,000 puzzle Top 1% earn an 118 solvers win jobssolutions/year interview
  51. 51. Where Are the Mechanical Engineers?• 2.7 million users
  52. 52. Where Are All the Graphic Designers?
  53. 53. How Public Portfolios Pay Off For Employers For Talent• You Can Look Anywhere for • You Can Live Anywhere and Talent at the Right Price Attract Global Clients• You Can Identify Stars Who • Your Work Markets Itself; Aren’t Hunting for Jobs You Lose Less Time Hunting• You Can See Relevant Work • You’re More Likely to Match Right Away; It’s Efficient Jobs in Synch With You• It’s Easy, at Last, to Notice • Your Credibility Builds Fast; ‘Talent That Whispers’ Less Time Paying Dues
  54. 54. 3. Talent Shortages: What Can We Do?• Long Hunts; Long Vacancies• Bidding Wars; Salaries Soar• Standards Get Compromised
  55. 55. What If Social Media and Job-Related Games Let Us . . .• Excite Newcomers About Our Field• Attract a Huge Pool of Candidates• Screen Efficiently for the Very Best• Open a Dialogue With Near-Miss Applicants• Show the Labor Market a Road Map to Success, So Strivers Could Try Again, Soon
  56. 56. Stripe’s Story: Online ‘Capture the Flag’Tests 20,000 People at Computer Security
  57. 57. Stripe’s Payoff: 978 Security Experts-- And a Useful List of Future Prospects
  58. 58. Game-Based Recruiting Catches On In Traditional Industries, Too
  59. 59. Takeaway messages• Use Social Media to Win Online Referrals• Harness the Strength of Weak Ties• Expect to See the ‘Public Portfolio’ Become Common in More and More Fields• Consider Contests, Games and Auditions to Help You Overcome Talent Shortages• The Internet Isn’t Everything; We Will Always Need Face-to-Face Contact
  60. 60. Follow Ups? Of Course!Twitter: @GeorgeAnders Facebook: TheRareFind Slides will be on SlideShare Email:George.Anders@gmail.com