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Advantages of social media for business


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Pretty much everyone including businesses and marketers want to have an impressive presence on social media sites.

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Advantages of social media for business

  1. 1. Advantages of Social Media for businessPretty much everyone including businesses and marketers want to have animpressive presence on social media sites. Due to the high number of individualswho spend nearly half of their day on social media sites, the opportunity topromote a brand, business or individual on social media sites cannot be ignored.In fact doing it any other way in the current situation would be very difficult andhighly expensive. This is the main reason why almost all the businesses that havea website also have a page on Facebook, have an account with twitter and on andon the list goes. Many of these businesses would use sites like toeffectively manage their social media presence.Marketing with Social MediaMarketing has become very easy with social media. Earlier, marketing experts hadtwo major responsibilities, firstly to create an advert and secondly to try and get itout to as many as possible. But now with Social media sites, the responsibility formarketing experts is more or less limited to the first one, which is creating quality
  2. 2. adverts. The adverts can be in the form of a picture for Facebook and Pintrest,tweets for twitter and video for YouTube. If the quality of the advert is good, theusers on the social media sites will automatically start sharing the advert. Thisway marketing experts neither have to spend extra money on advertising theadvert and lot of effort is not required to publish it. The most important task is tomake sure that the quality of the advert is very high.Quality of the advertThe quality of the advert you create for social media largely depends on the targetaudience. It would be a lot easier if you are targeting people below 50 years ofage, since many who are above 50 do not use social media sites as much. Theyounger your target audience the easier it is. Most people like to either laugh orget motivated, so if your advert can motivate or make someone laugh thenchances are that your message will reach thousands in no time.You can also connect with Facebook on