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Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas


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Artificial Intelligence has caught the attention of the oil and gas industry. This presentation sets out 4 use cases that are live in oil and gas as of October 2017. The speaker notes include specific solution names and vendors, including Stream Systems, Veerum, Osprey Analytics and IBM.

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Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas

  1. 1. AI in Oil and Gas Early steps, great promise Geoffrey Cann Deloitte October 2017
  2. 2. Google "Geoffrey Cann" • Partner, Strategy Oil and Gas • @geoffreycann • Helping oil and gas create and embrace a digital future…
  3. 3. Improve asset performance by deploying visual analytics to obtain 24/7 field asset supervision
  4. 4. Improve decision making by creating a digital twin to optimise plant performance virtually
  5. 5. Retain and exploit all prior engineering capability by capturing engineering content to accelerate information access
  6. 6. Improve operations and work force morale by deploying robots to execute low value work