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SocialHR One Pager


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SocialHR One Pager

  1. 1. “An employment brand is the way your organization’s prospective applicants, candidates, and employees perceive you as an employer.” – Geoff Webb Employer Branding Top 7 Reasons to 1. Improved Quality of Candidates Social Employer Branding Products 2. More Passive Candidates Invest in Your Our role is to maximize 3. Fewer Costs Associated with Turnover Brandthe “story” around your com- 4. Fewer Costs Associated with Recruitmentpany, and use the inherent power 5. Happy Employees (A.K.A. Productive Employees)of Social Media to broadcast that 6. Brand Advocatesbrand to a target audience of the 7. A Better Bottom Line“right talent” for your organiza-tion. Social media provides a great platform for companies to communicate with employees and candidates abouteverything from announcing new opportunities to discussing the benefits of working at their company. If your com-pany has a profile on a social networking site, make sure you’re utilizing it in the most effective way. Our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment BlueBelt Program qualification consists of two parts: RADICAL EVENTS TRAINING: A: Blue Belt: The aim of this module is to enable recruiters to source candidates or leads for any job, anywhere in the world, using only their internet browser. B: Brown Belt: This is an Advanced Sourcing module that enables online recruiters to gain a serious competitive advantage against other social recruiters and internet sourcers through the use of advanced search operators, url manipulation and advanced software tools. The aim of this module is to introduce HR Social HR 101 to the various social media platforms that COURSE OVERVIEW: modern HR uses to promote their jobs, promote their business, source candidates and engage with prospects and employ- ees. We pack a lot of information into this course to ensure that the modern HR Practitioner has a solid understanding of the most popular and relevant social net- works and online engagement methods including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Video, Blogging and Google Plus.