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Seth Godin's Presentation Hierarchy


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Seth Godin just wrote a blog post called the Hierarchy of Presentations ... for me it struck a chord. I like the plain language he uses so I tuned it into a slideshow presentation to help spread Seth's message. Geoff Brown.

Seth's blog post is here -

The cartoon on the front cover is by Hugh McLeod at Gaping Void here -

Seth Godin's Presentation Hierarchy

  1. Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations “A presentation is a precious opportunity!” Seth Godin Content Source -
  2. Don’t waste it!
  3. Purpose of a Presentation
  4. Purpose of a Presentation
  5. But!
  6. If your goal is not to change minds …
  7. …then try a different approach!
  8. Best!
  9. Send a Memo! where there is no need for a presentation
  10. Best nd 2
  11. Best nd 2
  12. No slides No microphone
  13. Best rd 3
  14. Best rd 3
  15. Best th 4
  16. Best th 4
  17. Best Last
  18. Best Last … I’m skeptical”
  19. “A presentation isn’t an Obligation” Seth Godin
  20. “It’s a Privilege” Seth Godin
  21. Thankyou! Slides by Geoff Brown Content by Seth Godin - All ‘rough’ hand-drawn pictures by Geoff Brown Seth’s Gravestone Cartoon by Hugh McLeod - Images of Seth from Google Images