Black Saturday


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I was sent 2 things this morning via email. Anthony's poem written from the heart about the devastating Victorian bushfires ... and a series of images.
At first, the images didn't fit the words and then, when I found images of people that did fit the words, it all seemed too close to home and too intrusive. So, random images with a beautiful poem.

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Black Saturday

  1. 1. Black Saturday Images and Words Victorian Bushfires 2009
  2. 2. Tonight I sat by candlelight
  3. 3. listening to the rain.
  4. 4. Thinking of those families,
  5. 5. that the fires took in vain.
  6. 6. Feeling for the things they've lost
  7. 7. and all their burnt out dreams.
  8. 8. Feeling for their lost loved ones
  9. 9. its so unfair it seems.
  10. 10. For we can send them money
  11. 11. and show them that we care,
  12. 12. but we cant feel the pain they feel,
  13. 13. its all so hard to bare.
  14. 14. I wish I were a rain cloud
  15. 15. as black as the ace of spades.
  16. 16. I'd drift atop them families
  17. 17. and rain on them all day.
  18. 18. But I am just a poet,
  19. 19. and for them I do cry.
  20. 20. If I were just a rain cloud
  21. 21. I'd blacken all them fires.
  22. 22. Words and Poem by Anthony Marshall Random Images from the Web Slideshow by Geoff Brown I started with images of people that fitted Anthony’s words … but that didn’t seem right … so the images are simply random. Geoff Brown.