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Quick Tips to Analyze Candidate Behavior


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The first step in improving the Candidate Experience is to fully understand the current state of your career site. This webinar lays out 5 ways to evaluate the behavior of job seekers on the corporate career site.

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Quick Tips to Analyze Candidate Behavior

  1. 1. Presenter: Andrew Miller AppVault Director, Talent Solutions WEBINAR
  2. 2. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Between sourcing talent, filtering through applications, scheduling and conducting interviews, among many others tasks as a recruiting professional, there simply is not enough time in the day to add one more task to your daily responsibilities. Face The Facts…
  3. 3. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R When was the last time you actually applied to an open position on your company career site? Walk A Mile In Your Candidate’s Shoes…
  4. 4. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R This week, challenge yourself to: • Apply to an open position • Track the number of steps to find a position • Note the total number of required questions • Repeat the process from a mobile device Only 1 in 10 HR Professionals Applied…
  5. 5. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Google provides a free mobile-friendly test ComScore, US Smartphone Penetration is 79.3%
  6. 6. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Look At The Numbers… Career site & ATS metrics are critical to your strategy • Unique visitors to career site • Total applicants per month • Average time on site • % of mobile users
  7. 7. C A N D I D AT E E N G A G E M E N T On average, only 8% of the candidates that land on your career site will complete a full application.
  8. 8. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Establish Key Performing Indicators (KPI) Compile monthly reports from all paid media sources • Which media sources are driving the most career site traffic and applicants? • How many touch points does it take to convert a passive candidate into an applicant? • What is your average time-to-fill? Average cost-per-hire? • Are you getting too many applicants but not enough quality applicants? • Are your job postings ranking organically on job boards and aggregators?
  9. 9. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R 30% Of All Google Searches Are Employment Related When was the last time you searched for open opportunities at your company via Google or Bing? Create a unique destination landing page for every requisition Increase organic rankings on search engines and job aggregators
  10. 10. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Recruitment is Marketing and Candidates Are Consumers A career site is an extension of your companies brand • A career site must be easy to navigate, search & apply to open positions • Don’t fall into the “apply or nothing” strategy • Provide multiple engagement opportunities • Incorporate videos, audio & similar jobs • Register to join a talent community
  11. 11. Q U I C K T I P S T O A N A LY Z E C A N D I D AT E B E H AV I O R Create A Talent Pipeline It takes time to nurture relationships with candidates • Review messaging at all touch points • Automate messaging & adjust frequency • Review campaigns - performance • Automate job matching by title, not just a category • Promote various types of initiatives, events, newsletters, etc.
  12. 12. B 2 C / R E C R U I T M E N T = C O N S U M E R M A R K E T I N G AppVault | Cultivate Recruitment Solutions • Metrics & Analytics | Monitor Candidate Behavior Across Media Channels • Easy To Implement | AppVault Does All The Set Up • Improve The Candidate Experience From Start To Finish • Build A Robust Talent Pipeline | Improve ROI Within Media Spend • Reduce Drop Off • Increase Quality Engagements • Improve Retention | Promote Internal Job Opportunities • Maximize Referrals • Shorten Time-To-Hire • Increase Quality Of Hires