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  1. 1. Geoengineer.orgIs The International Information Center for GeoprofessionalsFor the past 10 years, has been providinggeoprofessionals with the resources needed to:  Stay up to date with advancements in geotechnical engineering and related fields  Learn and advance in their careers
  2. 2. Examples of our Online Resources  News Center  Multimedia  Media Monitoring Center  Virtual Geoengineer  Press Releases  Photo Gallery  Upcoming Events  Publications  Networking  GeoLiFi  Forum (2,000 members)  Online Library  Yahoo Group (1,200 members)  ISSMGE’s Case Histories Journal  GeoWorld (2,000 members)  Top 10 Papers  Social Media (260 followers)  Journals  E- Newsletter (7,000 members)  Magazines  Education & Outreach  Software Listing  Educational Websites  History
  3. 3. Multiple Promotional OpportunitiesDisplay AdvertisingText AdvertisingPress ReleasesForum AnnouncementsSoftware ListingsEvent PromotionFeatured Product SectionsNewsletter PromotionSocial Media Posts
  4. 4. Feedback from our Sponsors (1/3) “Gregg Drilling & Testing is proud to be one of the early and continuing sponsors of continues to provide valuable web- based free access for geotechnical engineers to share information and knowledge about geotechnical engineering.” Peter Robertson, Technical Director “The website continues to serve as an online resource for geoprofessionals all over the world. I regularly look to it to find out the latest news and information affecting the geotechnical community.” Dr. Rachid Hankour, PhD, Vice President and Director of Lab Systems
  5. 5. Feedback from our Sponsors (2/3) “Fine has been a corporate sponsor of for over 5 years now and we keep on choosing the annual corporate sponsorship because of the abundance of opportunities it provides for promotion: our software is advertised continuously through listings, banners, press announcements, but we also had a featured software section that highlighted GEO5 even more!” Jakub Netik, Marketing Manager“We have been supporting since 2007and find the team very personable and responsive andthe service they provide a valuable asset!”Lisa Biddlecombe, Marketing Administrator
  6. 6. Feedback from our Sponsors (3/3) “For us, is both a trusted resource and a valued partner. They provide us access to a wealth of pertinent industry information and they do a great job of sharing our company’s latest news.” Gretchen Connelly, Communications Specialist
  7. 7. Enough about us!How Can We Help You?Request your customized media plan Download our media kit