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The Defence enterprise - Esri norsk BK 2014


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Using Esri collaboration tools to create, edit and share knowledge across the defence enterprise. A discussion and demonstration of the tools, templates and solutions available.

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The Defence enterprise - Esri norsk BK 2014

  1. 1. Cyber A critical new domain for GIS
  2. 2. GIS Is a Platform Enabling Web GIS Everywhere Desktop Web Device Simple Integrated Open Portal Server Online Content and Services Available in the Cloud . . . . . . and On-Premises
  3. 3. GIS – Accessible from Any Client Desktop Simple Integrated Open Portal Web Device
  4. 4. GIS – Powered by Services Simple Integrated Open Portal Server Online Content and Services
  5. 5. GIS – Organizes Content and Manages Access Simple Integrated Open Portal
  6. 6. GIS Supports the Enterprise Knowledge Workers Executive Access Operations Work Anywhere Enterprise Integration GIS Professional GIS Making Mapping and GIS Available Across Your Organization Transforming the Role of GIS
  7. 7. Web GIS Integrates Organizations and People Breaking Down the Barriers Creating New Relationships Sharing Information . . . . . . Supporting Collaborative Approaches
  8. 8. The Cyber Supply Line: A Geospatial Approach to Cybersecurity
  9. 9. Cyberspace Re-Considered It’s Mappable Social / Persona Layer Device Layer Logical Network Layer Physical Network Layer Geographic Layer • Each device in cyberspace is owned by someone (no ‘global commons’) • Electro-mechanical devices exist in space-time and interact with physical events • Geography is required to integrate and align cyberspace with other data
  10. 10. Solution Strategy Executives / Commanders Enterprise - focused IT Infrastructure Device-Focused Awareness Operations Process-focused Recovery Prevention Cyber Security Event-focused Response Protection
  11. 11. The Cyber Supply Line A vector of devices Mission Data Flow LAN Bldg Net WAN Cyber Supply Line Campus #1 LAN Bldg Net Campus #2 1. Cyber Supply Line (CSL) is a consistent path through the infrastructure 2. CSL focuses resources on only the devices that are critical 3. Managing data flows is similar to traffic routing
  12. 12. Effect Propagation Multi-Level Model of Data Flow Maintain Data Flow Mission Assurance
  13. 13. Cyber Demo
  14. 14. Solution Strategy Integrate Cyber into existing Operational Pictures J6/CIO Group Command Group CTO CEO/CDR COO/J3 CIO Service-Oriented Architectures/Cloud Dynamic View Static View (behavior) (structure) Apps Apps Apps Net Status (J6) Net Arch (J6) Facilities/CIP (J4) Multi-Domain Info & Ops (J2/J3) Apps Local Area Network Customer’s Existing Data & Apps Power Physical Security Sensors Weather Buildings Wide Area Network CCTV Social Media Threats & Warning Apps Geospatial GEOINT
  15. 15. Cyber Summary: • Cyber Supply Line concept • Improved • Shared Mission Effectiveness Situational Awareness • Departmental Collaboration
  16. 16. Questions?