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Closing Address at the Annual Conference of the Equality Trust


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Closing Address by Danny Dorling given at the Annual Conference of the Equality Trust, London, 30th October 2010. See and hear the full multimedia material from this and many other talks at

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Closing Address at the Annual Conference of the Equality Trust

  1. 1. Closing Address Danny Dorling Equality Trust, First annual conference London 30 October 2010 'In England, for instance, Londoners are three times more inclined than the residents of the industrial Midlands to believe that 'the economy is on the mend' and that over the next year it will improve. That gap is hardly surprising, considering that it took time for the recession to overflow from London's City banks to the factory floors of the Midlands, and that it will take a similar length of time, if not even longer, to chase it away from the households of jobless factory workers than from the homes of the beneficiaries of lavishly state-subsidized bank dividends and the profits of outfits servicing the rich.‘ Bauman, Z., (2010), 44 Letters from the Liquid Modern World, Letter 34: Is there an end to depression? Cambridge: Polity Press: Page 139 (originally published in La Repubblica delle Donne, 2009)
  2. 2. O ute r London Inner London Leeds Birm in gham Bristol Brad ford Sh effield G la sgow Cardiff Live rp ool HullBo lton M anc hester Ed inburg h N ew ca stle De rbyStoke Dov er O xf ord Luton Leic este r Not ting ham Sw in don R ea ding Norw ic h M idd les brough So uthen d Su nderla nd Sw ans ea Bla ck pool C am bridg e Ipsw ic hC ov entry With Bethan Thomas I’ve been working on a new atlas with a new map We use a single new population projection throughout the new atlas, but can draw many different boundaries on that projection as it preserves topology while making area proportion to population and minimising angular distortion. Here are the major towns and cities by built-up area (‘State of the Cities’ areas).
  3. 3. West Ham Maldon Brent N Witham Hendon Ilford N Ealing N am Herts- mere SW Herts SW Beds Eltham Hammer- smith Putney Dart- ford Ilford S Barking Richmond Park Vaux- hall Battersea Spel- thorne East Ham Wimbledon Tooting Watford Luton S Can bury Croydon N Thurr- ock Harlow Brent Central Enfield N Harrow E Totten- ham Clacton Castle Point Edmonton Harrow W N y Streat- ham Twicken- ham Holborn & St Pancras Broxbourne Graves- ham Ken- sing- ton Chipping Barnet Hayes & Harling- ton Isling- ton N Harwich & N EssexStAlbans den Mitcham & Morden Waltham- stow Beckenham Epping Forest Lewis- ham E Brent- wood & Ongar Hampstead & Kilburn Brentford & Isleworth Folkestone Welwyn Hatfield Roch- ester & Strood Kingston & Surbiton Rom- ford Feltham & Heston Ealing Central & Acton Hornsey & Wood Green Milton Keynes N Dulwich & WNorwood Ealing, Southall Westminster N Cities ofLondon & Westminster Milton Keynes S Favers- ham & Mid Kent Hemel Hemp- stead Enfield, South- gate Col- chester Finchley & Golders Green Camberwell & Peckham Poplar & Limehouse S Basil- don & E Thurrock Chelsea & Fulham nny- ede Wey- dge Uxbridge & S Ruislip Leyton & Wanstead Lewis- ham W & Penge Dagen- ham & Rain- ham Rayleigh & Wickford sham mers- Isling- ton S & Finsbury Sitting- bourne & Sheppey Old Bexley & Sidcup Chelms- ford Hackney S & Shoreditch Rochford & Southend E Lewis- ham, Deptford Erith & Thames- mead Bethnal Green & Bow Bromley & Chisle- hurst Bermondsey & Old Southwark Horn- church & Up- minster Chatham & Aylesford Luton N Greenwich & Woolwich Hackney N & Stoke Newington Basildon & Billericay Gilling- ham & Rain- ham South- end W Ruislip, North- wood & Pinner Bexley- heath & Crayford Chingford & Woodford Green Constituencies note – approximations shown by size variation
  4. 4. To understand these maps you have to first learn the geography of Britain anew But – often one or more countries are missing, and the latest dates is 2007 or 2008. Data sources will all be given in the published atlas (spring 2011) a list is at the end of these slides. Here are some examples from the atlas… G reater London Kent Avon Surrey Strathcl yde W es t M idlands Hants W Y ork s Lancs Norfolk Ches hire G reater M anche ster S W ales Derby shi re Ess ex County Suffolk Dors et S taffs Dev on & Som ers et Fife Herts Ty ne & W ear M ers eys ide S Y ork s W ilts Hum bers ide Cornw all Leics Lincs Cum bria N Y orks Notts W Sus sex O xford- shire N Wa les E S us se x Clev eland Lothian & Borders Roy al Berks Cam bs Mid & W W ales W ark s B uck s Shrop- shire Northants G loucs Hereford & W orc ester Northum berland County D urham & D arlington S cotland Is le of W ig ht Dum fries & G allow ay Beds & Luton Is les of Sc illy
  5. 5. 2007 children living in poverty (%), local authorities, England & Scotland
  6. 6. From 1899, to 1910, to 1933
  7. 7. To 1945, to 1950 (the pond), 1964
  8. 8. Schools, universities: up, income inequality down – what did Mr Wilson read?:
  9. 9. No-one owns the truth, or will escape attacks and ridicule if they question others’ versions of it – especially effectively
  10. 10. Some deserve ridicule more than others, But 35 years ago, 7 months (and a few days) events turned on a knife’s edge… and stayed there for 4 more years
  11. 11. There are butterfly effectsThere are butterfly effects
  12. 12. Reduction in main revenue grant allocations 2010-11 (%) -2.0 -1.7 – -1.0 -0.9 – -0.8 -0.7 -0.6 -0.5 – -0.1 0.0 Some of our maps are of change: 2010–2011 reduction in main revenue grant allocations (%), local authorities, England This is a map of the future of ‘just’ £6billion cuts Zoom forward to John Major, John Smith, Tony Blair, ask why everybody who got in Danny Alexander’s way has an unfortunate accident… (joke), to Gordon Brown, to ‘Dave’ Cameron to … Gideon:
  13. 13. While: 2007/2008 mean average income of the self- employed (£), local authorities, Britain Mean self-employed income 2007/08 (£) 11,100 – 14,999 15,000 – 19,999 20,000 – 29,999 30,000 – 39,999 40,000 – 89,200 103,000 – 205,000
  14. 14. If you want a taste of where the evictions will be in future, then look to the geography of where they are now and expand on that. ‘Just’ 5 households in every thousand were evicted from Kensington and Chelsea when council house rent was £87 a week. 2008 eviction orders rate (‰ households of all tenures), local authorities, England & Wales Eviction orders rate 2008 (per 1,000 h/holds) 1.0 – 2.4 2.5 – 4.9 5.0 – 7.4 7.5 – 9.9 10.0 – 16.8 No Data Eviction orders served in Kensington and Chelsea by 1000 households 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2003–2008 annual count of eviction orders granted, Kensington & Chelsea per 1000 households
  15. 15. These two maps compare general elections some 81 years apart. Ceremonial counties have been coloured by which party gained the most votes. Labour is red, the Tories blue, the Liberals yellow, Nationalists are green: London’s changed 1929 2010
  16. 16. 5,400 3,800 3,200 2,500 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,300 1,100 900 400 0 2000 4000 6000 South East (England) London South West (England) East of England North West (England) West Midlands (England) Scotland Yorkshire and The Humber East Midlands (England) Wales North East (England) Taxpaying estates per 1,000 deaths 2007/08 5.6 – 24.9 25.0 – 49.9 50.0 – 99.9 100.0 – 149.9 150.0 – 176.1 Data suppressed When it comes to paying off the national debt it is worth considering the distribution of the national wealth. If the economy really “were a household”, wouldn’t we ask the richest member for help? Where do that tiny proportion of people live who are so very rich that they still qualify for paying inheritance tax? - Here: 2007/8 Inheritance tax paying estates, numbers, regions & countries
  17. 17. Children's emotional heatlth 2009/10 43.8 – 49.9 50.0 – 54.9 55.0 – 59.9 60.0 – 62.7 Overall health & wellbeing 2008 (%) 63.6 - 69.9 70 - 74.9 75 - 79.9 80 - 84.9 85 - 89.1 On the right is shown proportion of children who can say yes to two out of these three: 'When I’m worried about something I can talk to my mum or dad' 'When I’m worried about something I can talk to my friends' 'When I’m worried about something I can talk to an adult other than my mum or dad' Adults’ well being is highest in the home counties, but children’s emotional health appears better in the North On the left below) is adult subjective “well-being”
  18. 18. Contrast the map of civic participation in England (left) with that of volunteering in England and Scotland (right). Society is big in different ways in different places. Asking people slightly different questions gets very different maps Civic participation 2008 (%) 7.6 – 9.9 10.0 – 13.9 14.0 – 16.9 17.0 – 19.9 20.0 – 25.7 Volunteering 2008 (%) 14.0 – 19.9 20.0 – 24.9 25.0 – 29.9 30.0 – 34.9 35.0 – 37.4
  19. 19. Road transport CO2 emissions per capita, 2007 (t) 0.5 – 0.9 1.0 – 1.9 2.0 – 2.9 3.0 – 4.9 5.0 – 11.4 Domestic electricity consumption change 2007–08 (kWh/household) -765 – -400 -399 – -200 -199 – -100 -99 – 0 1 – 30 31 – 150 Across most of the country people have been consuming less electricity as they have tighten their belts since 2007. But not everywhere. In some parts of the country people contribute five or ten times as much to CO2 pollution simply by how much they drive their cars as compared to those living in other areas.
  20. 20. Inequality and meat Meatconsumptioninkgperyearperperson Inequality Source: - see presentations: is more equal more green Japan Germany France Spain UK USA
  21. 21. Inequality and waste Japan Germany France Spain UK USA Inequality Singapore Municipalwastecollected(kgpercapitaperyear) Source: - see presentations: is more equal more green You need to be in a good position to get a good view and, see clearly. Its just possible here is just such a place Under the America, A fraction more unequal than Isreal In the UK, in 2010.