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Agency and Ownership

Slides from my presentation at uLearn 15 conference last week in Auckland, New Zealand. Covers practical strategies for teachers to increase student agency and ownership of their learning.

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Agency and Ownership

  1. 1. Agency and Ownership: Why the How?
  2. 2. Steve Mouldey • Specialised Learning Leader at Hobsonville Point Secondary School • eFellow 15 • @GeoMouldey •
  3. 3. What do Core say Agency is? • Ed Talks video
  4. 4. He was frustrated that his juniors and seniors in high school struggled with owning their own learning, with pursuing learning purely because they wanted to. They kept asking him, “what do you want me to do?” These are bright motivated kids, but, I told him, since the age of five or six, they have been rewarded for doing what the teacher or parent asked, and then moving on to the next unit, paper, playdate, after school activity, or grade level. Can we blame them, should we be surprised or disappointed when, at age seventeen or eighteen, they are not suddenly ready, willing, eager, and prepared to grab the reigns of learning on their own? #EdJourney
  5. 5. Our understanding
  6. 6. My Educational Values • Curiosity enables students to find their own learning paths • Creativity empowers you to create change in the world around you
  7. 7. Curiosity Catalysts • Wonder Walls • Curiosity tables
  8. 8. I n q u i r y
  9. 9. Choice – Codesign Continuum Teacher Controlled Student Choice Student Voice Codesign
  10. 10. Voice • HPSS
  11. 11. Problem Finding
  12. 12. Punk Learning: @totallywired77
  13. 13. Feedback “Feedback quality may have more impact on student achievement than any other factor.” Hattie, 2012
  14. 14. HAKRS Via @TomBarrett
  15. 15. Rose Bud Thorn Via @Learn21Tech
  16. 16. Sketch time! • Draw your ideal learning environment to give learners agency • RBT w person behind or in front of you
  17. 17. Rubrics
  18. 18. Deeper Learning • Dispositions and Knowledge
  19. 19. Planning your action • Immersion done! • Next step: • Identify what your next step is to increase learner agency in your context
  20. 20. Sketch Time Again • Draw your next step to increase learner agency in your context • Feedback
  21. 21. Agency and Ownership: Why the How? Steve Mouldey @GeoMouldey