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GeoMonday 2015.2 – Route360°


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The idea of Motion Intelligence and its technology Route360° is to simplify the online search for spatial objects (local search) by the use of sophisticated route planning and travel time analysis and visualization.

Motion Intelligence provides the Technology to third party institutions and companies. Additionally Motion Intelligence offers to create concepts, develop and run applications, extend existing applications or create new ones from scratch. Motion Intelligence is specialized in travel time analysis and visualization in order to help people finding or evaluating spatial objects.


Henning studied Cartography and Geomatics in Karlsruhe from 2006 until 2010 and finished with a bachelor’s degree. Since 2010 he was studying Geoinformation and Visualization at Potsdam University and received his masters degree in 2014.

In his studies he focused on the analysis of large traffic networks. The final thesis “Interaktive Analyse und Visualisierung der Erreichbarkeit in Verkehrsnetzen“ was supervised by the Institute of Geography and the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI).

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GeoMonday 2015.2 – Route360°

  1. 1. Motion Intelligence and its product Route360°
  2. 2. Motion Intelligence some facts Founded in 12/2013 as a university spin-off (Potsdam University/ Hasso Plattner Institute) Focused on network analysis and its visualization everything more than just A to B routing Located in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany Products: Route360° JS API, service and consulting, application development on demand Web:, Contact: Award winning:
  3. 3. Finding new targets All online routing is based on the question how to get from A to B What if you don‘t know where you want to go? Find a new flat close to your work place.. Find getaways easy to reach by public transit.. Find meeting places you and your friends can reach easily.. Find a location that can be reached by most potential customers.. Find much more.. Motion Intelligence doesn‘t just find the best way. It finds the best target.
  4. 4. Route360° What is it?  Core product of Motion Intelligence  JavaScript network analysis API to be integrated in third party mapping applications  Toolbox for interactive online mapping and routing  Based on Open Data like OpenStreetMap and GTFS  Focus on isochrone visualization  Multimodal and correct routing  Helps people to find locations (i.e. real estate, holiday destinations, meeting points)  More information at
  5. 5. Use Cases selected projects   Client: TransferPlus AG  Launch: January 2015  This tool is used internally by our client TransferPlus AG. TransferPlus is a market research company that needs to analyze the catchment areas of their clients. It is shown in this presentation because it allows to explore the capabilities of Route360° in a sophisticated public transit network (SBB), as well as its intersection and visualization capacities. The UI is made for demonstration purpose only.
  6. 6. Use Cases selected projects   Client: Naturtrip GmbH  Launch: June 2015  Naturtrip is an innovative nature platform for Berlin and Brandenburg using Route360°. Visitors interested in short trips in and around Berlin are now able to (re)discover their environment. The application brings them to sights recommended by other nature fans, which are also easy to reach by public transit.
  7. 7. Use Cases selected projects   Client: Norwegian Government  Launch May 2015.  On behalf of the Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) Motion Intelligence developed the online application „Sykle dit“. It shows people what they can reach on foot, by bike, by rental bike or by an e-bike in a given travel time or a given battery capacity. The application was built under the initiative for living a healthier life by cycling more often and reducing everyone's CO2 footprint.
  8. 8. Use Cases selected projects   Client: Home-eat-Home  Launch: March 2015,  In order to find promising locations for parcel pick up stations Motion Intelligence has developed an application that combines Route360° and the Berlin census data for this Coca Cola spin-off. The result is a tool that tells exactly how many people can reach a certain point by various modes of transportation in a given time. The tool is used by the client via Excel. The UI is just for demonstration purpose.
  9. 9. Thank you