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Writing the earth

  1. 1. “Are you sitting comfortably.....??” Writing (& Reading) the Earth ImagebyPsychogeographerunderCClicense
  2. 2. Alan Parkinson Geographical Association
  3. 3. Who am I ? 2005: Magic Realism: Virtual Geography and Online Communities 2006: Google Earth: a Users guide 2007: Getting beyond “cut and paste” 2008: Turn on... tune in... Geography !” 2009: A Different View – GA Manifesto 2010: TODAY !
  4. 4. Mapcrunch...
  5. 5. LiteracyGeography Writing the earth Secondary Curriculum Development Leader @ Geographical Association
  6. 6. “Language provides the medium for learning geography in every classroom and should therefore be a major consideration in the planning and preparation of lessons.” Graham Butt, University of Birmingham Originally contained in 2nd edition of Balderstone and Lambert (2010)
  7. 7. What does it mean to be literate in geography ? How can we support the developing of literacy in geography ? How can literacy be embedded into our planning ?
  8. 8. Word Clouds Wordle / Tagxedo Classroom walls
  9. 9. Which texts have you chosen to use with students ?
  10. 10. Kansas City Library , Car Park Titles chosen by local people...
  11. 11. 10.10.10 50 years since first publication of... “The Weirdstone of Brisingamen”
  12. 12. DARTS Directed Activities Relating to Text
  13. 13. Produce a code: How to be a responsible tourist Either: 1. Storyboard for an in-flight video 2. Instruction sheet to be located in the seat pocket 3. Version aimed at younger travellers e.g. informative cartoons, poster
  14. 14. John Davitt’s RAG: Literacy version... Excel / App / Google Gadget
  15. 15. Functional Skills New in 2010 for England
  16. 16. We live in a society where the image is becoming the dominant means of communication, and where once we used pictures to illustrate our written texts, increasingly we are using written text to illustrate the pictures. Most of us engage with moving image texts more than any other form of text in any given day, so the development of literacy skills in young people should recognise that fact. What links all of these texts is that they are all a form of narrative, so when we develop literacy skills in young people what we are developing is the set of skills which will enable them to engage critically with the range of narratives which are in the world, and to be able to construct their own effective narratives. Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser, Scotland
  17. 17. “The Met Office admitted this week that its promise of a barbecue summer was wrong, explaining that it was very difficult to predict what will happen in three months time. Meanwhile, they remain absolutely convinced that they know precisely what the weather will be like a century from now.” Jeremy Clarkson – August 2009
  18. 18. So what should we do in school geography? Involve young people in: • Reading imaginative/emotional responses – poetry, novels, nature writing (also film) • Expressing personal responses – creative writing • Drawing on own experiences of being in the world e.g. walking, sailing, windsurfing, sightseeing • Doing fieldwork that includes time for reflection, wonder and creativity as well as other strategies • Undertaking cross-disciplinary approaches e.g. with English (Philip Pullman – Noel Jenkins).
  19. 19. Homework: Fiction writing Write the opening of a story which is set in Kenya. In this you should: · introduce a main character -write in first person narrative style · include reference to factual geographical information which you have researched, using technical vocabulary · encourage the reader to want to read on · design a front cover & title
  20. 20. “Teacher talk dominates classrooms and controls the process by which communication takes place, by deciding what kind of talk is permissible, by whom and for how long.” Margaret Roberts
  21. 21. Poetry and Place Mark Jones Teaching Geography – Autumn 2010
  22. 22. Why get involved with writing about place ? Eleanor Rawling • Developments in cultural geography – less detachment more involvement of self, body and place • New popular interest in outdoors and active recreation (running, hiking, coasteering, cycling, photography, triathlon) especially amongst the young • Nature writing and nature TV – Mabey, Macfarlane, Cocker, Deakin. • Nature/culture debates, CountryFile etc. • Openings in National Curriculum –developing geographical imaginations
  23. 23. UWE PGCE English and geography 2009-2010 Acrostic
  24. 24. Continuum of poetry / geography
  25. 25. http://bit.ly/98dX6e
  26. 26. “The traditional Glasgow lifestyle, with its high consumption of alcohol, tobacco, fried food, sugar and salt, is notoriously the least healthy in Europe.” Thomas Cook guide
  27. 27. Closer to home... Moving about Norfolk can be fun. I am used to having people point as I go by. Most shout, "Hey, look, it's a Cosworth!" but in Norfolk they shout, "Hey, look, it's a car!“ Everywhere else people want to know how fast it goes, but in Norfolk they asked how good it was at ploughing They spend millions telling us that it is foolish to smoke, but not a penny telling us not to go to Norfolk - unless you like orgies and the ritual slaying of farmyard animals. The next time some friends get married in Norfolk, I'll send a telegram. Except it won't get there because they haven't heard of the telephone yet. Or paper. Or ink. Jeremy Clarkson
  28. 28. Digital Storytelling “I know only one thing about the technologies that await us in the future. We will find ways to tell stories with them.” Jason Ohler
  29. 29. Daily Telegraph – December 2009
  30. 30. National Literacy Trust report... http://www.literacytrust.org.uk • Young people with a blog (61%) as well as young people with a profile on a social networking site (56%) also displayed greater confidence, believing themselves to be good writers. Blog owners and young people with a social networking profile were also more prolific writers than their counterparts. They held more positive attitudes towards writing and computer use, and viewed writers more favourably
  31. 31. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search View photos Info Photos Boxes What’s on your mind? Share Name Information Friends 10hrs ago View videos Older posts Wall Recent Activity Ads Groups Add a picture here Add personal information here Who would they be friends with? Last status update here What would they be typing now? What have they been doing on Facebook? Two interactions with friends What groups are they in? What ads would be targeted to them?
  32. 32. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search View photos Info Photos Boxes What’s on your mind? Share Name Information Friends 10hrs ago View videos Older posts Wall Recent Activity Ads Groups
  33. 33. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search View photos Info Photos Boxes I'm being walked on again  Share Snowdon Information Friends Glyders Tryfan I’m feeling on top of the world!!! 10hrs ago View videos Older posts Wall Recent Activity Hey Snowdon, thanks for the add how's things going over there ?? Yeah, I know, I am fed up of seeing that train! Ads Groups Llyn Ogwen I'm Snowdon, a mountain in North Wales. I’m 1,085 metres high. I’ve even got a nature reserve around me!!! The Snowdon Wildlife Reserve. By Zoe
  34. 34. Home Profile Find People Settings Help Sign out What happened to the American dream???  What are you doing? Update Home Sergio Home Following Followers Tweets 100 89 100 @Sergio Direct Messages Favourites Search Q RSS Feed 140 Just had to send 200 dollars home to Alamos today. Really need a job. On the look out for a new job. Any ideas? Just dropped a tray of dishes and got fired. Working long hours in the restaurant tonight  More By Tristan
  35. 35. Home Profile Find People Settings Help Sign out Surrounded by sea What are you doing? Update Home Iceland Home Following Followers Tweets 100 89 100 @Iceland Direct Messages Favourites Mexico Q RSS Feed 140 I am a European country I am located in the northern hemisphere You can find me on a plate boundary I’m an island More By Jon
  36. 36. Travel Writing
  37. 37. Activity from “Look at it this Way” With thanks to Gary Dawson
  38. 38. Rory’s Story Cubes
  39. 39. Stickybits
  40. 40. The final chapter...
  41. 41. Thanks for reading...