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Workshop 10


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Workshop 10

Published in: Education
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Workshop 10

  1. 1. Workshop 10 Some images removed for copyright reasons
  2. 2. Anne Le Brocq, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter Alan Parkinson, Head of Geography, King’s Ely Junior Using games-based learning to introduce complex physical systems
  3. 3. Available to play in a browser or as an app.
  4. 4. Structure of the workshop • Introductions (we’ve done those) • The Background • The game • Have a play • Introduction to the resource pack • Feedback and questions
  5. 5. Importance of ice sheets • Sea level change • Ocean/Climate influence NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) The Daily Conversation (youtube)
  6. 6. Relevance… ice-far-greater-than-thought-study-finds?CMP=share_btn_tw
  7. 7. Some context: Larsen ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’
  8. 8. Brunt Ice Shelf – Halley VI base relocation (and not manned during last winter season) Halloween Crack
  9. 9. Larsen ‘C’ At the time of the calving of Larsen C, in July 2017 BBC News released an interview with Professor Helen Fricker from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Listen to it here: environment-40444569/ice-shelves-need-to-calve- icebergs It provides a good introduction to the significance of the cryosphere to other parts of the world, and the reasons why ice breaks off.
  10. 10. The Game
  11. 11. Growth and decay – two main processes (feedback and pace of these changes)
  12. 12. Pick up a penguin, and have a play…
  13. 13. Teacher Guide Iceberg of Understanding Enquiry questions Keeping the Geography in the geography lesson
  14. 14. Why a game? • Controlling the variables – seeing the impact of your actions • ‘Engagement’ for younger students • Modelling
  15. 15. The characters…
  16. 16. The resources • Ice Flows Game: • Teacher Pack • Fill your details in on this Google Form to be e- mailed when they are ready and receive the 70 page resource pack as a PDF •
  17. 17. Further resources • Spotify playlist of Icy songs – can you suggest some others • gl4u0twaPs • Animation of ice shelf movement: tarctica-ice-melt-climate-change.html • How big is Larsen ‘C’ ice shelf? German interactive map tool • • Earth Null School shows sea surface temperatures, but remember that what is important is the temperature deeper down •
  18. 18. Further resources • Discovering Antarctica
  19. 19. Questions
  20. 20. I got involved with this project as a consultant to the GA Applications to Julie Beattie of the GA if you’d like to join the list of consultants